A Word To The Not So Wise


What’s the opposite of “the opposite“?

… “the same“?

That just doesn’t make sense; how can it be the same word?


note: I’m not intelligent … I’m outelligent
… but I’m not sure what that means really.

double note: I put my fingers in the jar … pure insanity!!!


Things I’ve Seen With My Own Eyes #8:      most of my nose.

8 responses to “A Word To The Not So Wise

  1. Wouldn;t it be “etisoppo eht”

  2. “Sanity?” Is that supposed to make it smell good in the area, make your fingers smell good, or kill all those nasty bacteria you picked up by touching yourself? I’m not sure I would dip my fingers in some goo like that!
    By the way, Facebook tells me it’s your birthday — or planetross’s birthday, at least. Hope it was great!

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Tony: that’s backward thinking.

    Donald Diddams: I think it was a room deodorizer … I didn’t really put my hand in it.
    Yes, it was my birthday! 49 … like the parallel.

  4. The opposite of opposite in Latin is homo, and the fear of the same is homophobia.
    I’m a heterophobe.

  5. Insanity, outsanity. It’s a revolving door.

  6. Found out the other day that the opposite of nocturnal was diurnal, when I was trying to make up the word dayturnal.

  7. I have a new laptop Ross so I came here hoping for a new post to go with it but alas it was not to be so…

  8. Who knew sanity came in green?!

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