Steve McQueenings

Steve McQueen as Virgil Hilts in “The Great Escape” is a state of mind!

Hilts ... just Hilts.

How cool is he? … pretty cool, I kid you not!


Now everybody can be making a “Great Escape” as “The Cooler King”!

you've missed it by that much!


McQueening #3

McQueening #2

Steve McQueening #1

5 responses to “Steve McQueenings

  1. I was scrolling down hoping to see a great escape by Visorman, but it looks like he must’ve escaped…

  2. Nobody is cooler than Steve McQueen!

  3. Visorman is cooler than Steve anybody

  4. McQueen was cool, smart, bad boy, good man, intense, passionate, and, unfortunately, short-lived. There will never be another SM. See the original “Thomas Crown Affair” and you will agree.

  5. Lenny: I agree with everything you say. I watched Papillon again a few weeks ago; it’s still as good as when I first saw it.

    note:I haven’t been keeping this page up to date because the site I was using to make the poster type frames changed their format … and the new version just didn’t look very good.

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