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I’m big on routine: you could set your watch by me.

… but you’ll have to do it everyday

… and not stand too close to me while you do it.


note: doing something routinely every 20 years sounds like too much responsibility.

double note: I’m quite a big personal spaceman!


Today #120

Today was like a ski hat: warm, but itchy.
(In Canada a ski hat is called a toque: it means warm and itchy for some reason)

Time Flies At A Standstill



Why does time seem to move so slow as a kid but move so quickly as an adult?

Maybe it’s like going to a new place for the first time: it feels like forever to get there, but the return trip goes by a lot faster.

For kids most things are new experiences and exciting.

“Are we there yet?”

For adults many things are the same and routine.

“Just a little further.”


I guess Time is similar to a rollercoaster ride: it starts slow, but once you start going over the hill it speeds up considerably.

… then it’s all white knuckles and screaming.


note: some people white knuckle it and scream through the slow part too.

double note: screaming in the line-up is premature.

triple note: if you believe in reincarnation, then you’re just going to go back and stand in line again.



The Stairs



When I do routine stuff I do it the same way every time; grab something with the same hand, hold a door open with the same foot, fold clothes the same way.  
But … when I walk up my stairs, I always seem to get to the top landing on a different foot. One time left, next time right.

I think I’m bi-pedal or something.


note: having a “disorder” must be chaos.

double note: I’m randomly systematic disordinarily.






When I think life has become too routine, I remind myself that I am really a sleeper agent for a foreign power.

The monotonous cycle I am in is only an act to leave the enemy thinking I am just another worker bee drudging my life away chasing some carrot on a stick.

And one day I will answer the call of the parentaland and live in a world of intrigue, espionage, and some other French word used in English.

It’s not true of course, but sometimes I have to use any kind of bullshit fantasy to get through a boring day.

note: When “sleeper agents” are activated do they get a “wake-up call“?


Routine Check-Up

My life seems to be on auto-pilot: it’s one big routine.
Days, weeks, months slip by with me just sleepwalking my way through them.
I usually enjoy a routine.
I know what to expect: no surprises.
Change is usually bad.
But sometimes I question my routine.
Why am I doing this?
Is it really necessary?
Is this the right way?
Should I be doing something else more constructive?
I’m not talking about Why am I here? or Is this what I really want to be doing with my life? questions.
This is on a smaller scale: just minor adjustments.
I think I usually waste my mornings: get up late, drink coffee, and go on the computer. Sometimes I shuffle around with bedhead until noon!!Once a week I do have to work in the morning and I sometimes get motivated and go to the gym, but usually I just piss my mornings away.
I’m always happy when the weekend arrives.
I don’t know why: I usually don’t do anything too exciting, even less in the winter.
I guess it’s not what I am doing, but what I’m not doing: working!
I need to make some small changes to perk me up: maybe get up earlier, have a shower right away, avoid the computer’s gravitational field, get out and about more.
I think if I concentrate on mornings for now, the rest will follow.
note: I bet you thought this was going to be about a trip to the doctor’s from the title!