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Life is fetalistic.


note: sleeping in the “fatal position” doesn’t sound like a good idea.


Today #381

I hope I’m just an inverted “C” in the circle of life at this point.

Rock Bottom


When a person hits rock bottom, they must be able to see a ray of sunshine above them on the road to recovery.

I bet people who hit rock top just see rock bottom looking down.


note: it’s always a road to recovery … never a street, lane, avenue, or bypass!

double note: a cul-de-sac to recovery doesn’t sound so good.


Today #380

Today I sang this song all day.

Professing Up


I’m just a fessional

… I can’t say that I’m really good at the stuff I get paid for

… or get paid for the stuff I’m good at.


note: why aren’t professional and confessional opposites?

double note: I have 360 degrees! … when I spin.

triple note: I’m not a profishional really.

quadruple note: I’m still not here: I’m miraging and shimmering, but thank you for the comments.


Today #378

Today was 7-11 Day again! I told kids they could get free stuff if they wore a mask into the store.

5 Apples


I’m not into measuring things:

… I’m more of a weight and see person.


note: I used to be imperial about measurements, but I’m more metriculous these days.

double note: musical lizards are probably really scaley.


Today #377

It’s Canada Day today.
No hockey on Canada Day has always pained me.
It’s a hashmark that I have to bear.

I Rule The Game “Predictionary”!


Some people think I’m extremely predictable.

I consider myself really understandable:

… it’s a subtle difference.


note: I’m still not here … I’m over there … it’s just an optical illusion.

double note: a big thank you for your comments. I do read them … and do want to reply to them … but my fingers are in a few pies … so it’s not extremely possible at the moment. 


Today # 376

Today I thought … bars of soap would last longer if they were bigger.
It would take longer for them to turn into slivers.
Less useless soap slivers in a year makes sense to me.
I could be wrong: I usually am.

That’s Just Growth!


I grew 2 feet in less than a year!

It’s not that amazing really:

most people did … along with the rest of their body.


note: if your name is “Tallest” it could get confusing when someone is looking for the tallest person.

double note: sometimes I’m the shortest person around, but it only happens when other people are wearing pants … and I’m wearing shorts … or have no money.

triple note: I still have 7 weeks before regular programming will continue. This is just a hiccup … or some other cup.

quadruple note: yes, I’ve used a different photo of this before, but I took another photo of it … so it’s all good.


Today #375

Today didn’t smell like mustard enough.



Ghosts probably aren’t the best sports fans.


note: maybe no team spirit is a good thing.

double note: ghosts must be good boosters fans … or maybe not.


Today #371

Today my nextdoor neighbour gave me a few giant spring onions from her garden. She said that they would go good with meat.
I wanted to say that more meat goes better with meat, but I was raised a little better than that … just a little.



They are in the tree!

I’d make a good Buoy Scout.


note: all the buoys are in the arbour.


Today #370

I’ve had a sore leg all day … maybe it’s the leghold trap.

Sea/See Rider


If you want to Sea, go to the ends of the Earth.


note: the sea is always seasonal.


Today #369

Today I saw shadows, but no doubt.


For The Birds … Or About Them


Why can roosters crow, but crows can’t rooster?

Quid Pro Crow!


note: hummingbirds hum because they don’t know the words.

double note: apologies as usual for not visiting your blogs, I’ve just been really busy lately and can barely get on the computer.


Today #368

Today I realized that I’m addicted to “Game of Thrones“. The 13 year old in me seems to come back every time I watch it.