Monthly Archives: April 2012

A Big Mop And Bucket


There should be more urgency to clean up the planet.

We don’t have a second to lose.

… a second planet, that is.


note: I have World Heritage sight, but glasses don’t correct it.

double note: I’m saving all the other planets in the solar system; so far, so good.

triple note: I’m off on vacation for a few weeks. One of my brothers is visiting. Hopefully when I get back I will be a better blogging buddy to you all.


Today #365

Today I found 28 yen and possibly a potato chip under the mattress in my fold-away bed/sofa that gets used every few years when people visit.



Having influential friends must be nice.

Having under the influential friends is sometimes okay too!

… except when you need a ride home at the end of the evening.


note: if I owned a bar it would be called “The Sobar“.
I’m sober and I’m at sobar sound the same when you say them fast … with a slur.

double note: are sober people “over the influence“?


Today #364

Today I realized that I really enjoy walking around big houseware stores
… I should be put under “housewares arrest“.

Get Into Ition


“Self perception” is really “self deception” a lot of the time.


note: I don’t have a self image … I have a self imagination.

double note: photo credit goes to Mr. Pettit  on this one. Well spotted.


Today #363

I walked around all day with my mouth wide shut.

All Over


I’d do most things all over again, … except for the vomiting.

I’d try to keep that in the toilet a bit more.


note: some things happen all over again and other things are just all over forever.

double note: would barfing all under the place be better?


Today #362

Today I felt pretty good for no apparent reason.

Time Matters


Six years ago I spent 4 months off and on … on a little island in Brazil called Morro de Sao Paulo. I think it was the best time of my life: nothing to do but lie on the beach, meet interesting people in bathing suits from all over the world, play Argentinian card games, drink cheap liquor, read books, eat great food, and basically just hang out.

Today I received this photo from the guy that took the original photo that’s my hovercard/profile photo; he’s back there on holiday.

Most people probably want to go back in time … I just want to go back in place.


note: I don’t care that they’ve replaced the sand road with a brick one … and and the garbage can is more classy.

double note:  thank you Diego!

triple note:
You can’t go home againThomas Wolfe
 “You can go home again, but you’ll have to break a window


Today #361

Today someone was thinking about me halfway around the world … usually someone is just thinking about me half-assed closeby.

today note: if someone is thinking about me somewhere all the way around the world, is that just me?




I think my bed is “a bed of roses” and “a bed of lies“;

… I rose from it this morning and I will lie down in it tonight.


note: I actually sleep on a futon … just like 100% of all other people who sleep on futons.


Today #360

Today didn’t have enough fiber in it … moral or otherwise.

A Mute Point … Or Possibly Moot


Remotes must be made very far away.


note: I’m not sure what’s worse … a control freak or a remote control freak.

double note: I’m trying to be remotely funny … sometimes I’m not even.


Today #359

You know when you cut a fingernail too short and it hurts? … that was today.

Zero Tolerance


Are “zero tolerance programs” really necessary?

Do “zeros” bother that many people?


noooooooote: I like my notes with a lot of zeros on them.

double note: there should be a “zero dollar bill” … just in case people don’t believe you when you say you are broke.


Today #358

Today I did my Spring cleaning … I’m glad there isn’t cleaning for all the seasons.
(I didn’t use Sponge Bob as a sponge … he was just dirty, so I washed him)




If atheism were a religion,

I wouldn’t know what not to believe in anymore.


note: people who don’t believe in “anything” … must use the word “nothing” more than other people.


Today #357

Today in the gym’s shower room I thought “I hope I don’t have a heart attack right now … because the other guy in here is kind of creepy.”
(I also thought, “Please don’t let him have a seizure either.”)


Mere Ors


Sometimes when I look in the mirror
I don’t know who I am anymore;

… maybe it’s the fake beard.


note: I can only grow fake beards.

double note: apologies for not visiting your blogs. I will shortly.


Today #356

Today I went to the local dump/incinerator to get rid of some old futons. I think the smell of a dump is the same in every country.
You know that smell? … I’m still catching a whiff of it 12 hours later.