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Can You Dig It?


Shoveling snow is like gardening … sometimes a  bumper crops up.


note: I’m glad you have a new laptop Tony.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own 2 Eyes # 9:

snow-blindness: … I think you can see that.



When I wait for a line of cars to go by before I can pull out on to the road

… the last one always seems the slowest.


note: when I’m waiting for something bad … it usually happens right away.

double note: people who fly first class experience waitlessness.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own Two Eyes #6: someone pulling out a ketchup bottle from their coat at a fancy restaurant.

Out With The Older, In With The Newer



Goodbye 20 year old old van.
Hello 10 year old new van.

Hello power steering, airbags, CD player, automatic windows, automatic door locks, and much improved gas mileage.

I can’t wait to see what incredible improvements are in  the brand new vans!
I’ll find out in another 10 years, I guess.

… maybe they can fly!!!


note:the best things in life are free” … like my old van.
I hope the new one will be “the second best things in life” … even though
there’s only one of it … I’m hoping it’s at least twice as good!


what I’m listening to now #52: Crowded HouseWeather With You“.

The Future


As a kid I almost never thought about the future.

Now that I’m older, I think about the future all the time:

… I always buy toilet paper, refill the ice cube trays, and never run out of gas.


note: people who don’t invest in the future should probably invest now … or before now.

double note: an assist on this post to Mr. Pettit … for making me think beyond the ice cube trays.


what I’m listening to now #43: nothing good.

Bigfoot Still Lives!


I almost hit Bigfoot with my van

… it was a near myth.


note: Bigfoot might have been Sasquashed.

double note: I didn’t draw the picture … I just kind of put it together: it’s a collage about collision … it’s a collasion … or something like that.


what I’m listening to now #42: 38 Special‘s “Caught Up In You“.



I’d rather be in a gang than a posse.

… a gangster sounds so much better than a poser.


note: I wouldn’t want to be in “The Gang Green” though.

double note: I always feel more comfortable being chased than doing the chasing: being it sucks.

triple note: these motorbikes did some criminal banking, but nothing too illegal.


what I’m listening to now #37: Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt.

First Mate


I receive souvenirs from students once in a while; this is one of them:

a pirate made from a coconut husk.

I wasn’t sure what to do with it at first, but I finally decided to hang it from the mirror in my van.

It’s pretty cool; I kid you not.

I call him Aaarrrchie!


note: since I’ve had this I’ve started spelling my name Aaarrr O S S … the bank staff don’t like it very much.

Get Into Ition


“Self perception” is really “self deception” a lot of the time.


note: I don’t have a self image … I have a self imagination.

double note: photo credit goes to Mr. Pettit  on this one. Well spotted.


Today #363

I walked around all day with my mouth wide shut.

Training … But In A Car


Snowplow Driving Courses must be seasonal.


note: tractor driving courses must be a new field.

double note: wouldn’t a highspeed car chase on a driving course be cool?
… 2 drivers to kill too!


Today #322

I almost backed into a car while pulling out of a parking space today. I almost rear-ended them … at least from my point of view.

A Short Attention Span With A Zoom Lens


Some times things just come together unintentionally.

Other times people just do weird stuff for some reason.


note: I didn’t really know what this was until I uploaded the photo. It was just a hunch that it would be weird.

double note: Mr. Pettit  seems to think I take about 50% of these photos from my van. He’s a bit on the low side possibly.
When I  drive, I’m attracted to stuff like a crow to shiny things.


Today #312

I won a handmade hula skirt and floral hairpin yesterday at the big hula dance Christmas party I was invited to. After much consideration, today I decided to give them to one of my students’ mother who is a hula dancer.
(being the only guy in a crowd of 180 hula dancers, I was really hoping that my ticket number wasn’t going to be called.)