Bigfoot Still Lives!


I almost hit Bigfoot with my van

… it was a near myth.


note: Bigfoot might have been Sasquashed.

double note: I didn’t draw the picture … I just kind of put it together: it’s a collage about collision … it’s a collasion … or something like that.


what I’m listening to now #42: 38 Special‘s “Caught Up In You“.

3 responses to “Bigfoot Still Lives!

  1. I bet bigfoot wears Big Socks too Mister Ross.

  2. What an abominable situation!

  3. Thanks for the comment!

    Lenny Sock: Bigfoot doesn’t have any really clear Footage on video for some reason. Sockage … I’m not sure about.

    S. Le:
    if I was him/her I’d go live in the Himalayas.

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