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The Other Side Effects


A side effect of a side effect must be a “besides effect”.


note: there are B-side effects on albums, but not on CDs … I don’t know why!

double note: new side effects to having sex are being born daily!

triple note: recreational sex and procreational sex are the same thing in theory, … some people just take things a little too personally … or want a little person … or something like that.

quadruple note: most decisions are dicey at the casino or on board game or a yahtzee place …. or at vegetable slicing venues.

quintuple note: rolling dice don’t have side effects … it’s just when they stop and lay there that things get probably good or bad.


what I’m listening to now #45: the end to “The Shawshank Redemption“.

Lazy Snowman


I thought a “planking” snowman might be funny
… and I had nothing else to do today.

But …

later in the day, Mr. Pettit  came by and found this a bit disturbing for some reason: maybe he doesn’t like orange.

So I fixed it up,

… after he left.

Sundays are pretty productive around here.


note:People know that nothing rhymes with orange
          probably from the day that they are bornge

double note: people are doing weird things out there to entertain themselves.


Today #338

Today was violently mellow … or disturbingly peaceful.



Name Calling


Some people are just born Lucky

… while other people are just born Michael, Carlos, Raj, Anna-Marie, Yuko, Nadia, …

It just depends on who the parents are.

It’s genetic.


note: children named Lucky must have to overcome a lot of odds growing up.


Today #296

Today I realized that I’m quite good at wasting time.
… and playing Zombie Highway on the i-phone.

Short Ordering


I hate when people tell me what to do!
I will do what I want!
I don’t care what you say!
Screw you Simon Says!


note: I don’t want to put my right foot in either.


Today #211

I killed about a million zombies at work today: it was pretty quiet.

Rock, Paper, Scissors


Do you remember that kid that used to try and bullshit everyone by using “Dynamite” during a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game?

I wonder what ever happened to him.

I think he’s being ousted by a mob right now.


note: I can be topical sometimes, but I’m usually bottomical.

double note: that first note sounds kind of kinky … I wish there was a different word for not being topical. Stupid made up words!!!


Today #137

I calmventilated through most of today.



Earthquake proof dominoes aren’t much fun.


note: dominoes are just boring dice.

double note: dominoes seem so negative; unlike yesterday.


Today #15

Today was like having no toilet paper: it required improvisation.

I’ll Meet You At Tennish


Somone’s in violation of their tennis court order.


note: being loved in tennis isn’t a good thing.

double note: tennis is a faulty game.

triple note: tennis players must eat a lot of Pringles.

quadruple note: I lose interest in people drawing a line to make a point on principle all the time.

quintuple note: some people have to irrationalize everything!


If I Were In A “Die Hard 3” Reality

People who didn’t dump their fries into the top of the Big Mac container would be classified as bad guys.

Spot Quiz


Completed “Connect the Dots” pictures are pretty pointless.


note: I draw the line at connecting the dots.

double note: with enough “connect the dots” type days I will hopefully figure out the bigger picture.

triple note: this is an environmentally friendly activity. Hey! pencils don’t grow on trees!

quadruple note: if you connect the dot in the picture, you will find you need a period at the end of that sentence. hee hee!


Trivial Bets #2

Bart Simpson is most likely named “Bart” after the lead character in the movie “The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T” written by Dr. Seuss. (true)

more trivia: Sideshow Bob definitely gets his lastname Terwilliger from the movie’s villain. 

planetross 1 – trivial better 1

When The Music Stops


A game of “musical bench” seems to last forever.



infinity: science
eternity: religion
forever: love songs

double note: something that takes forever to do never really gets done.


notes to myself #155

You never win at musical chairs. Either you aren’t aggressive enough, or you think it’s a silly game and don’t want to play.

A Square With Dots


I bet board game people were very happy when dice were invented.

and people who weren’t good at Chess … or Checkers/Draughts … or The Royal Game of Ur … or Go … or Mah Jongg … or that spinner thing in The Game of Life.


note:It looks like a great game … but how are people going to get these playing pieces around the board?

double note: like so many other ones, this entry started out very complex before I just went back to the basics … basically … and got basic … or simple … or started thinking about dice and how cool they are.

triple note:       Yahtzeedice not included.

quadruple note: I originally was thinking about the cool horsey move in Chess … if you really must know.
That move should really be used more in martial arts.

quintuple note: sometimes it’s just as important to remember where we learn things as what we actually learn.


notes to myself #121

Our father only plays games with us until we win … then he teaches us another one. I’m not sure if he just lets us win or not. We will never know.
We are solid at Chess, Cribbage, and Checkers: be grateful.