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Cherry Cherry Coloured Chairs


I found a “bottomless pit” in a cherry once!

Maybe I swallowed the topless part by mistake

… but someone else could have done it on purpose.

I’m never sure about stuff like this or that.


note: How do you make a chair chairier? … put a cherry on it!
… although chairs are chairier than most things … that aren’t chairs.

double note: what’s at the bottom of a bottomless pit? I hope it’s not the same thing as what’s at the top of a topless pit … because I don’t want to see that again!

triple note: it’s always a bottomless pit! … never a bottomless hole, a bottomless dent, a bottomless crack, …

quadruple note: being the “Chairman” of a chair company must be something.


what I’m listening to now #47: Kids in the Hall “Painting a Chair.



Comparing bananas to cherries is like comparing apples to oranges.

It’s exactly the same thing, or is it?

note: Would you eat bananas if they had seeds in them?

double note: No matter how many watermelon seeds you eat, watermelons won’t grow out of your ears … they start growing out of your nose. 

triple note: Eating cherry pits may affect your career path.  Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, …



Halloween Part II



I’m glad Halloween happens during pumpkin season because …

it’s really hard to make a cherry scary.

And they are difficult to carve too!