Nothing In Particlecular … Or Let’s Get Physicscal


When people ask me “What’s the matter?”

I usually reply,

… “I don’t know, but it has mass and occupies space.”


note: sometimes I say “fecal“.

double note: everything is just a matter of time … unless it’s a matter of space.

triple note: when people space-out I usually give them a time-out.

quadruple note:spacetime” makes me think of awkward questions that I don’t want to answer.


what I’m listening to now #44: XTCMaking Plans for Nigel“.

5 responses to “Nothing In Particlecular … Or Let’s Get Physicscal

  1. I need a picture of you to use to make these gems memes on the internet..haha

  2. bearmancartoons: there are pictures of me somewhere … not sure what gems memes are though … it’s sound nasty for some reason.

  3. They need to invent a fecal matter accelerator machine. Imagine a sound barrier breaking turd?
    High speed Poo, nothing is farter. errr.. I mean faster…
    Hmmm…. Maybe that is what a fart actually is. Turds breaking the sound barrier & creating a sonic boom

  4. I just Googled & there is no results for matter accelerator. The closest was a particle accelerator. No problem though I will make a Farticle Accelerator. It’s really easy to try at home when your vacuuming. Just fart into the nozzle & you will get a turbo fart exit the back of the vacuum. The filter bag will even trap any stray bits of poo thus protecting your floor & walls from unsightly stains

  5. Tony: when people talk about “Farticle Accelerators” … I know they are full of beans! hee hee!

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