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Thenar Space


A 3 year old student tried to swipe away the card I was holding, so he could see the next card, using an index finger smart phone swipe.

So I muted him with my remote control thumb move.

I think there is a generation gap

… between the index finger and thumb most likely.


note: remember when you had to use both thumb and index finger to change channels on the TV?
I do. … that’s why I sat so close to the TV screen. Not like now with computers and sophisticated technology. … oh! wait a minute!!!

double note: my title is totally logical: Google it.
(I’m not that smart; I just Googled it before most of you.)

triple note: calling the index finger a forefinger is confusing:
Which of my fourfingers do you mean?

quadruple note: a pointer finger makes me think my other fingers are pointless, somehow. … although, I still point with them.


what I’m listening to now #35: rain raining.