If it weren’t for 3D movies, I probably wouldn’t see anything in 3D!


note: how much does a “hologram” weigh … compared to a regular gram?

double note: shouldn’t it be “3 Trimensional“?

triple note: shallow people don’t have depth perception.


what I’m listening to now #38: 3 Doors Down.

7 responses to “DDD

  1. I have great width perception.

  2. I wonder what a 3.5D movie looks like.

  3. Bunks Trutts: you need to read my tags. hee hee!
    3.5D movies are those smell-o-rama ones???

  4. I actually know a man named David David. They call him D squared. Guess that’s only 2D though.

    • We had a customer in a previous business I worked at named David Davids too. It’s a small world. If your name is David. It’s my son’s name too but he’s only a singular Dave

  5. I thought DDD was a bra size

  6. Thanks for comments!

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