I would like to visit Egypt someday

… to see the Food Pyramid.


note: Food Pyramid/Compost Pile … it’s just a matter of time.

double note: my food pyramid would be made of macaroni & cheese:
… it would take some very special Kraftmen on the job though.


what I’m listening to now #36: Steve Earle!
… I’m surprised too!

2 responses to “Travel

  1. Would it be the Mediterranean Diet pyramid? I doubt Kraft Macaroni cheese would be on ANY food pyramid. Sad, that.

  2. S. Le: a well rounded meal, 3 square meals a day, … not sure where a triangle figures into it though: I was never good math or maths.

    note: when I want to lose weight: I eat the things I don’t usually eat … and avoid the things I usually do. It’s pretty simple … although it messes my head up a bit.

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