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I would like to visit Egypt someday

… to see the Food Pyramid.


note: Food Pyramid/Compost Pile … it’s just a matter of time.

double note: my food pyramid would be made of macaroni & cheese:
… it would take some very special Kraftmen on the job though.


what I’m listening to now #36: Steve Earle!
… I’m surprised too!

Left For Another Day


Sometimes I drive by a place and think “I should go in there one day and check it out“, … but I always keep on driving.

I wish I worked there.


note: I wonder how many Egyptians drive by a pyramid and think “I should go in there someday.

double note: I don’t want to be buried in a pyramid … a triangle will do. I’d draw the line at an angle though … probably straight and connecting that angle into a triangle. hee hee!

triple note: the “Bermuda Pyramid” would be really scary! … and make a great movie!


Today 159

Today I was politically incorrect … I didn’t know what the ruling Party of The Netherlands was.