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Curiously Useless


My friend tells me curious facts.
The latest:
“A peanut has 10 calories.”

This fact may seem harmless enough.
A throw away fact for most people: in one ear and out the other.

… but for me, it pops up in my head during the day and has me questioning …

“is that a single peanut or the 2 peanut parts in a single shell?”
what kind of peanut: an African peanut or a European peanut?
“a plain, raw, boiled, dry roasted, or oil roasted peanut?”
what kind of peanuts do I eat? … I don’t think I’ve eaten a boiled one before. I wonder what they taste like? … who eats those ones?
“Why is that Charlie Brown comic strip called Peanuts?”
Why are Volkswagen Beetles called peanuts?
“Peanuts don’t really look like peas. Who named them?”
“Do they use the same type of peanuts in “smoothy” and “crunchy” peanut butter? … or are there smoothy and crunchy peanuts?”

It’s kind of a useless fact:
I’m never going to eat “a” peanut
… my friend might as well tell me how many calories are in a single cow!


note: 513,751 calories supposedly.

double note: sorry, the photo has nothing to do with the post … except there is a post in the photo and a photo in the post. hee hee!


what I’m listening to now #30: The LumineersHo Hey

Thinking Of Speaking … Or Speaking Of Thinking


I didn’t think of anything stupid today.
I said some stupid things though.
… and then wrote them down.

That “think before you speak” stuff could really cause this blog to suffer.


note: running out of ideas is very droughtful.

double note: I’m off for the weekend to parts unknown … to a lot of people, but I know them quite well and am going anyway.


Today #75

I told you what happened today above: I don’t chew my cabbage twice!



I wish I were an elephant.

I forget why.


note: maybe it has to do with peanuts … or being sprayed with a hose … or something like that.


Today #21

Today was like spitting out of a car window.

Food For Thought

I am ignorant about many types of food.

I love food, but don’t usually think too deeply about how it is grown.

In the last few years I have discovered:

pineapples don’t grow on trees.

bananas hang on trees the opposite way I thought they did.

 coconuts don’t start out small, brown, and hairy like the ones in the supermarket.

people do eat chestnuts, just not the kind that grew around my hometown.
   (I always wondered why people were roasting chestnuts on an open fire in that Christmas song)

I still haven’t figured out peanuts yet: please don’t tell me, I want it to be a surprise.


note: road apples, prairie oysters, and cow pies do not grow on trees or in the ground. I think one of them is inedible, but I could be wrong.

double note: My in-depth knowledge of how rice is grown hopefully makes up for these other deficiencies.



Important Purchases


I went to a big Shopping Centre in the next city yesterday. I didn’t need to buy anything; I was just bored. 

Before I went, I did knock on all my friends’ doors to see if they could come out to play, but their wives or kids told me they were busy, at work, or in trouble.

I wandered around in the air-conditioning, had lunch at the food court, and realized that I seriously needed to find something better to do on Sundays.

I did buy another wind up toy which is pretty neat, but the peanut and bone erasers were the big find of the day.


note: someday I’m going to be at a flea market sitting on the ground selling all this stuff, just like the Thai guy selling amulets over at razzbuffniks blog.





A reliable source has informed me that “peanuts cause nosebleeds in Japanese people“.

More specifically, eating lots of peanuts increases blood pressure and …. keep that head tilted back!

It would explain why peanut based items are not very popular in Japan: peanut butter, Reece’s peanut butter cups, peanut brittle, peanut butter cookies, the peanut game with volkswagens, the Peanuts’ gang from the cartoon (snoopy is popular though), …

I’m surprised kids don’t ingest mass quantities of peanuts to avoid ill-prepared for tests.

It would be a great advertising slogan:  “Mr. Peanut! The lazy student’s best friend.

 note: fists and bad seats at sporting events cause nosebleeds too. That’s universal.



Pushing Buttons

My life is filled with never-ending moments of button pushing.

There is always another button to push!

When I was a kid the only button I ever pushed was my Mother’s!

Maybe you turned on the TV with a button, if you didn’t have the switch type.

Everything had a switch!

Now, it’s buttons on the TV remote, computer, air-conditioner, rice-cooker, hot-water thermos, laundry machine, bank machine, phone, blah, blah, blah, …….


The worst for me is: the heaters in my place.

No central heating, so I have kerosene heaters that need reassurance that I am still conscious every 2 hours.

The warning music is painful; the physical act of getting up and pushing those damn buttons makes me feel like a rat in one of those lab experiments.

If the heater gave me something when I pushed the button, other than heat, it would be better!


Maybe a peanut or two would be nice.