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I’m A Hoser


Like the water inside a garden hose in summer … a lot of things start out hot, turn lukewarm, and then cool down considerably after a while.
Sometimes it just takes a few sunny days to get things back to hot again.


note: I think I’m talking about my blogging irregularity lately, but I could be wrong; I usually am.


Today #20

Today I want do all that stuff Bono sings about in “Where The Streets Have No Name” … or sit in a paddling pool drinking beer and listening to it.




Drills are boring; and knives are sometimes dull.

note: fire drills are pretty useless: water tends to work better.

double note: there’s money in drilling oil and teeth.

triple note: “What did we catch in the net?”  
                     “Navy Seals” 
                     “Better throw them back or greenpeace is gonna be on our ass again.”

SPECIAL NOTE: nathaliewithanh has another Japan adventure blog  up on her site.





Life giving water. Isn’t it amazing?

All living things need it, except me … right now … in my ear!

I’ve tried hopping on one foot, shaking my head to one side repeatedly, and jiggling my little finger around inside my plugged ear.

It’s not helping.

Maybe those things only work for the hiccups and constipation.

note: swimming ear plugs protect your ears from becoming plugged. ……..  Can you run that by me again? Ahh …. plugged by water. Gotcha.



There is waterproof, windproof, and fireproof things.

Why is there no earthproof stuff?

It seems like a very elemental oversight.


note: Earth Wind and Fire must have kicked Water out of the band for being a wet blanket.



Witch Doctors

“Witch” doctors should really emphasize preventative medicine.