Some Days #3


Some days are weeker than other days.


note: daydreaming usually involves “one day“, “some day“, and “one of these dayson one of those days.

double note: when you’re having one of those days … it’s really one of these days, but you just wish you were far away.

triple note:January Day January Day. Everything is fine. Over.

quadruple note: I may have put on more than one or two entries today. Maybe I’m trying to bury that bloody snow post … or my dinner is taking longer to cook than usual.
usual is pretty quick to cook usually.
You know what I’m going to say if you ask what the usual tastes like, so don’t ask.

quintuple note: when I put up pictures of snowmen I get all poetical:

so here is today’s …

While the Americans Dream,
the Belgian Waffles,
and the Indians Curry:
the Turkish Delight.

sextuple note: the other Some Days are still here  and here.

septuple note: I found my happy thought thinking about dinner: it’s hungry too … I guess.


notes to myself #110

I was going to tell you that you were full of crap and let you know how full you were of it at this moment, but came across this instead:

4 responses to “Some Days #3

  1. Well, I am losing my hair! DRATS!
    I like the little snowman. I have had one of those days, so sorry for getting here later….instead of earlier! LOL 🙂

  2. While the Americans Dream,
    the Belgian Waffles,
    and the Indians Curry:
    the Turkish Delight;
    the Australian Rules.

  3. …and the French kiss.

    Your link gave me just TMI. I don’t want to know any more. My head may explode.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Doraz: that’s the problem with facts: they are facts. I’m not going to go to Germany on a Monday for sure!

    Razzbuffnik: that’s a good one!
    I thought about “the French Wine” … but it wasn’t good enough … amazingly enough.

    S. Le: oh I am not firing on all cylinders! good one!

    I thought you were talking about Three Mile Island with that TMI stuff.

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