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Characters have to have character:

… or they are just left on the drawing board.


note: what makes Miffy, Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Bart Simpson and Mickey Mouse so special?

double note: Does Mr. Gucci only wear Gucci? Does Mr. Armani only wear Armani? Does Mr. Levi only wear Levi’s? Does Mr. Loom only wear Fruit of the Loom?
Planetross wears Planetross stuff, but only because it’s not cool. I’m sure if it ever caught on, I’d never wear that trendsetter stuff … unless I could get a lucrative endorsement.

triple note: I spend more time telling people that the teeth are pickles. For some reason, people think they are caterpillars: dill pickles aren’t very popular over here to be fair.


Today #228

Today none of my students wanted any of my imaginary ketchup sandwiches.

Nozomi Ohashi … Again?


Nozomi Ohashi is back again!

If I was a Japanese child, I don’t think I would like her very much: she only seems to show up to notify kids about tests these days.

I bet if you saw Mickey Mouse on your decatheter or Hello Kitty on your speeding tickets, they wouldn’t look so cute anymore.

I have visions of Nozomi trying to hold back the tears in some Tokyo park while shouting, “No! There isn’t a test! … I just want to play tag with you!” … as all the other kids run away from her.


note: do you know what’s better than …









       hee hee!


double note: the other Nozomi Ohashi entries are here and here.


Today #183

Today is the last day of work for a week: I’m on holidays. I’m going to be like a bad idea for the next week. … I’m not going anywhere.


People seem to forget that  before all those flying reindeer started pulling Santa’s sleigh, Christmas had a different meaning:







… there were flying dinosaurs pulling Santa’s sleigh!

“Santa, red with tooth and claw”
(apologies to Lord Alfred Tennyson)


note: on Allo, on Bronto, on T-rex, on Stego!
              on Brachio, on Veloci, on Tricera, on Patago!

double note: this Christmas display had the regular holiday characters as well. From left to right in the photo Santa, Frosty, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, and Doraemonif you were standing behind them. hee hee!


Today #98

Today was morning breathtaking.

I Feel It In My Fingers, I Feel It In My Toes!


Why is a thumb sticking up seen as a good thing … in some countries?
Why is the middle finger sticking up seen as a bad thing … in some countries?

It seems all individual fingers … and different combinations of the 5 available fingers … and combinations of individual fingers, from both hands, have different meanings to people in different countries.

Is there somewhere that uses toe language?

If not, I guess toes are meaningless.


note: apologies for the monkey sitting on an example of a non-renewable resource in the above photo.

double note: sticks and stones may break my bones, but the flaming well sharpened dictionary full of words sitting in that archer’s bow scares me too!


Today #82

I don’t think I did any good deeds today.
… no badges for me, I guess.
There’s always tomorrow!

Fingers And Toes


If humans only had 4 digits on their hands and feet,

– metric would be just as confusing as the imperial system.
– nail polish would last longer.
– no one would be giving anyone the middle finger.

-sign language might have less words.
-ape hands would look so weird.
-base 8 would be pretty standard.

-cartoon characters would probably only have 3 fingers.
-Agatha Christie may have written “8 Little Indians“.
– one of those little piggies either would not be going to market or not going wee wee wee all the way home.

… and would we be saying …

Hang Eight!
High Four!
Four Finger Discount.


note: thereprobablywouldn’tbeanyspacesbetweenwordsonacomputereither.

double note: having your finger cut off in the Yakuza would probably mean more too!


Today #56

Today was like a bananaless banana split.



Some people are riddled with doubt, guilt, bullets, or questions.

No one is ever riddled with pancakes.

Pancakes must be good.


note: I bet Walt Disney got the idea for Mickey Mouse while eating pancakes.
… possibly Goofy was from a bad hotdog.

double note: what the hell is Goofy anyway???

triple note: I’m not good at making pancakes: they are griddled with doubt. hee hee!

quadruple note: I’m officially on holidays for a whole week! And you know what that means?


well yes, that goes without saying, but it also means one of the Big 3 events on my calendar …………………………………………………………………….
The Numata Matsuri! ………. and more Numata Matsuri!


Today #26

Today was really enjoyable … to someone somewhere I hope.

When I’m Not Blogging, I May Have Gone To …

DisneySea Tokyo … but really in Chiba, not Tokyo

Trying to escape the winter blues, I hopped on a bullet train and made the long treacherous 1 hour trip to Tokyo … and the even more treacherous, but not so expensive, 30 minute trip to DisneySea.

Tokyo Disneyland is the busiest theme park in the world, but DisneySea must be very close … since it’s right next to Disneyland.

Arriving at the early hour of 11am left me standing in line to get in with all the other extremely optimistic and lazy escaping people.

Magically Crowded Kingdom!

DisneySea is the most expensive theme park ever built so far to date in the present at this time. After a 1 hour wait to pay $60 to get in, I don’t think they are lying.


no swimming (sad face)

Upon entering it seemed a lot like Disneyland; only wetter. It’s built right next to the sea too! I thought the ocean was just another part of the park, but my friend explained that I was just stupid.

Prometheus Volcano ... named after the comic I guess

There is a big man made thing called “Prometheus Volcano” most likely named after the lovable comic found here. I didn’t know that comic was so famous!
Everything else is man made too … except not so big and easy to see and so prominently in view and noticeable as this.

people who got up early and are enjoying the ride

I fast tracked my way to the fast track tickets, but it was not to be: either a 5 hour wait to wait an hour in line or 3 hours in the regular line up.
I bet if you closed your eyes on this ride, it would be like being on a Disneyland ride anyway … so I wasn’t too disappointed.

certain body types prohibited

I wasn’t sure if I would be rejected because of my “body shape” either: possible my shape was too good to ride.
I think the sign means that fat people may be too fat to ride, but that’s just me.

So I chose to wander around and check out the new surroundings … and make fun of people.

non-prehensile tail

Non-prehensile tail teenager in need of direction.

headgear mandatory for this club

Okay, okay, and too far!!! …  possibly a major Disney freak with a room full of real stuffed Disney characters and 4 Season Disney wardrobes for all occasions.

a sea parade or something

What do you do when you don’t go on the rides? … watch the parade!

It was a big show … on water. Surprise surprise!


It wasn’t bad. I was waiting for evil villains to show up, but that’s not really Disney, is it?
I tried to encourage the egg ships as they passed by yelling “Give ’em hell!“, “Waste the tyrants!“, and “Stain the sea red with the bastard’s mouse blood!” But the shirkers just kept on waving, dancing, and smiling.

Just a lot of floats, jet skiers, and Disney characters popping out of the tops of those egg float/boat things. I’m sure Somali pirates would have no problem with them.

Gepetto? I thought he was an ice cream!

Afterwards a few characters were spotted roaming the streets.

When I was the same age as the kid on the right I had mouse ears; those were cool. I’m glad I wasn’t born in the Stitch era.

Duffy Bear beats Duffy Wannabe Kid

… or the Duffy era.
What’s with Duffy Bear? I’ve never heard of him! 10% of the people in the park were carrying around Duffy Bear dolls … I felt left out … and old … and uncool … as usual.

married ... but not really as binding as a Las Vegas one

I did go on one ride. I knew it was going to be lame … like “It’s a small world” since there was only a 10 minute line up.  But since you’ve probably not visited the Magical Aquatic Kingdom, I have to say that it was unbelievably amazing and better than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life … even before I was born even!!!
The couple in front of me must have had a Disney wedding. It’s probably like a Las Vegas wedding, but not so binding … and expires with your ticket.

Mickey was there!

There were multiple Mickey spottings. Possibly he has look-a-likes working for him. I saw him in more place than I usually see Elvis in regularly.

guess the celebrity

Minnie was around too!  Can you spot which one she is?

Overall … it was extremely busy and not condusive to going on rides, but it was still pretty cool and fun to wander around. At the end of the day it was $60 to have lunch, which was another $10; but it was fun and a bit different in a familiar way.
I’d go again, but only if I was there earlier and had a game plan that involved planning and earlyishness.

Is it the “Happiest Place On Earth”? 

I don’t know …  but it beats work.



Character Building

Mickey getting mobbed

When I see costumed characters, I am aware that there is a person in the costume sweating away and doing a job.

I think most adults share this awareness.

But at Disney Parks, many people seem to forget this and 
… basically go crazy when they spot Mickey and company wandering around.

I’m not totally immuned: I get sucked in to the fantasy for a second before I start thinking that there most likely is a short woman in the Mickey outfit.

I didn’t fully grasp what an amazing  job Disney has done in creating this illusion until last weekend at DisneySea.

While watching Mickey appear in many different outfits during a musical performance, my friend said “Mickey must have to change into all those costumes really quickly backstage.

I replied “Maybe it’s just a different person in a different Mickey Mouse costume with a different outfit coming out each time.

I’m mean like that sometimes.


note: How fast would Disney sue me for walking around in a Mickey Mouse costume?

double note:
How many people have had their photo taken with a person wearing a Mickey Mouse costume at a Disney Park over the years?  millions? billions?
How many people while showing their photos say, “This is me with a person in a Mickey Mouse costume.”?  probably none.

triple note: Do you want your Disney dream bubble burst? There is a little guy in the Minnie costume waiting for work to finish so he can go out and get drunk with his buddies.   POP!

quadruple note: I do like Disney parks and will put another entry on in the near future with more Disney Outlandishness.