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Are You There Godzilla? It’s Me Planetross


I believe in Godzilla.
I’m a Godzilla fearing person.

The kingdom of Godzilla is within you.

Godzilla has poured out his love into our hearts.

Godzilla is with you in all that you do.

(Quotes from Luke, some Romans, and that band that used to have Peter Gabriel in it before they went mainstream … and planetross for sure.)


note: some of those Godzilla movies are Godzilla awful!

double note: didn’t everyone as a kid secretly think “Godzilla” when the name “God” was mentioned in church? … oh! … okay, nevermind.

triple note: Godzilla be with you.

quadruple note: I’m glad I spent 12 cents to buy this bag at the local girls’ high school festival a few months ago.
(I don’t know where non-local girls go to high school)

quintuple note: please don’t call me prejudiced … there is only one of me … I’m prejudied … at best … but not really.

sextuple note: do some people tolerant and rave?


Today #238

Today I rolled snake eyes 12 times in a row … I think the dice were prejudice!



Characters have to have character:

… or they are just left on the drawing board.


note: what makes Miffy, Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Bart Simpson and Mickey Mouse so special?

double note: Does Mr. Gucci only wear Gucci? Does Mr. Armani only wear Armani? Does Mr. Levi only wear Levi’s? Does Mr. Loom only wear Fruit of the Loom?
Planetross wears Planetross stuff, but only because it’s not cool. I’m sure if it ever caught on, I’d never wear that trendsetter stuff … unless I could get a lucrative endorsement.

triple note: I spend more time telling people that the teeth are pickles. For some reason, people think they are caterpillars: dill pickles aren’t very popular over here to be fair.


Today #228

Today none of my students wanted any of my imaginary ketchup sandwiches.



I went to a bicycle shop with Mr. Pettit  today. He is a cyclist: it’s one of his passions/hobbies.

Me? What’s my passion/hobby?

I collect thoughts, phrases, ideas, and other things requiring little space.

I don’t need a space ship … a space shoebox will do.


note: I don’t need a bicycle either … just a seat is okay.

double note: since Razzbuffnik seems to be on hiatus, here is a band that defines cool … or hip on planetross:



Today #140

Today I realized that humming in a drum is okay sometimes.


Confession Time

 I was the 5th Horseman of the Apocalypse.

I quit the group once they started getting all Emo … and Goth … and stuff.


note: shouldn’t it be the “4 Horsepeople of the Apocalypse” these days. I always feel better when women are involved.

double note: my horse was called “Rainbow Ice Cream” … just thought you should know.


Today #60

Today’s soundtrack is a constant drumroll … it’s like someone is expecting me do something!

Material Bystander


Some books are made into great movies.

Mine is more t-shirt and coffee mug material.


note: I think my next book will be thicker … I need some sweaters for the winter.


Mean Things I Say About People #3

“No, you don’t sound like a broken record … you sound like a half broken record … cause I can still hear you.
(the italicized section is usually muttered inaudibly)

Same Ship, Different Day


My little book “Same Ship, Different Day” is now in print!

I think most of you have seen most of this stuff already in a little different form on WordPress already, so I would really like to send anyone and everyone on my blogroll a free copy to say thank you for reading and leaving comments on this blog.
My e-mail is: hey_ross@hotmail.com

Your names are at the back of the book as well! … if that is any incentive.

You can preview the entire book for free by clicking on the link below. Leaving a comment over at Blurb would be greatly appreciated as well.


note: a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Erica Pannen, Jan Kennedy, and Nancy Roberge for proofreading and offering constructive criticism.
… and a BIG THANK YOU to Kelly Pettit for doing the front and backcover up so nicely.


notes to myself #199

We get tired of writing notes to ourself, so we end up putting something else down at the bottom of these posts after notes to myself #199.




Does having a famous person promote a product really work?

If companies continue to pay celebrities gobs of money for endorsements, it must somehow positively affect sales.

I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything because someone famous was in the advertisement.

There must be a lot of people not like me out there.


note: balancing 4 tires seems like a lot of unnecessary work; why can’t they just balance the vehicle?

double note: Leonardo DiCaprio must be amazingly small … or I got screwed on the tires I bought!

triple note: I have nothing against Leonardo DiCaprio. He seems like an okay type of Joe … and donates some of the gobs of money he makes from endorsements like this to charity.

quadruple note: I don’t have gobs of money … I just have gob.


notes to myself #196

Someday we are going to shave our head totally bald just to see how many scars, divets, and fissures are actually on our skull … but not today.

Pooling Resources


Why does drying out require so much liquid?


note: my holiday is officially over and hopefully normal posting and checking out all of your blogs will resume normally.

double note: I haven’t been a total bum for the last week.


Just waiting for a copy to see if it looks okay and is ready for public consumption.

As I said before, I will send anyone on my blogroll a free copy. … I figure you’ve read most of this stuff in one form or another over the last few years, so it’s not like it’s anything too new and exciting.

If you would like a copy (hopefully arriving at a postbox near you in June) … and don’t mind sending an address to hey_ross@hotmail.com  , I will mail you one. All names/addresses info will be strictly confidential.

If you don’t trust me with your confidential info, you can still read it on here for free when I officially publish it publicly. ( hopefully May 20 something or so) … and I figure out how to attach a blurb widgetty thingey over here.


notes to myself #178

The first day back at school is a lot easier than the first day back at work:
you don’t get any new pencils or anything!

Puzzling Over 1,000 Pieces

planetross and willy ... that's the cat's name


 The completion of a puzzle begins with one piece … well technically two … actually all the pieces should be somewhere in the vicinity.


This is my 1,000th blog!

I would have laughed at anyone who said that I could write that many blogs … I probably would have laughed at them anyway for some other reason … but that’s beside the point.

I thought maybe I was working on a 1,000 piece puzzle, but it turns out that I still have a lot of pieces outside the border and big chunks to fill in within.

… and the puzzle box says something about it being a 4D puzzle … whatever that is!

So you are stuck with me for a while yet.


note: I hope there is/has been some quality in with the quantity for the 10 or 15 regular readers.

double note: the good thing about having a big pile of crap is that you can always add a bit more without anyone being any the wiser. I’m sure no one is the wiser for reading this stuff, but thanks for clicking over here anyway.

triple note: the problem with having a big pile of crap is that you have to climb on top of it when you want to add to it.

quadruple note: this is the only photo I have of myself as a young planet in my present location. I thought I’d pull it out for the big occasion.

quintuple note: I call this photo “Dad’s Knee Encrouching“.


notes to myself #54

Pulling out black and white photos will not win you any prizes while trying to date younger women.


possibly a crematoria ... I guess I'll find out sooner or later ... or not at all.


I guess before man discovered fire,

…  cremations were not a thing of the passed.


note: there are so many different death rituals that have been practiced on this earth over the years, people don’t even agree on death ………….  rituals.

I guess death is disagreeable.

double note: on Planetross, when people die their hair just changes color.


notes to myself #21

You are the last born … but only by a few days.