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Peeper Shutters


If eyelids were on the bottom of our eyes

… lights would be on the floor.


note: our eyes might drown when we cried too.

double note: sorry, that’s all I got tonight.


Today #325

Today a student made me laugh when he referred to a hatchet as a tomahawk.
Excuse me. What aisle are the tomahawks in?



Sometimes I like to “irrelevent”.

I cant’ believe popsicles were never mentioned in Charles Dickens’ novels!

When Elvis died, I didn’t have a hamster.

AC/DC never won best female vocalist of the year in 1962. It’s a shame.

Other times, I just keep quiet … and think these things to myself.


note: one day it will all be irrelevantagious hopefully … one day.

double note: on the day that eyelids are classified as useless, I probably won’t even blink.

triple note: that double note doesn’t have anything to do with anything, … but maybe it does … eventually on purpose randomly planned.


Today #182

Today was so quiet at work I could hear pins thinking about dropping.



The common house fly has no eyelids and lives only 15 to 25 days on average.

I guess if a fly’s life goes by in a blink of an eye, it’s probably better that it can’t blink.



note: What kind of flies do you attract when having fun?               Time Flies!