I guess fish just say, “There are plenty of us here.


note: “depth perception” probably means something different to fish.

double note:sal, tro, tun, mac, sol, her, cat” … I’m practicing my fish scales.


Today #154

I wish there was a song about “today” in the musical “Annie” … I’m sure it would be uplifting, spunky, and a real toe-tapper.

4 responses to “Fishy

  1. Depth perception – “Yeah, thats far enough”?

  2. Awww. at least they have each other.. hehe.

  3. Cynical Scribble

    That is my favourite song and strangely, that image is exactly what I ‘see’ every time I listen to the song!

    PS: Two fish in a tank. One says to the other: “do you know how to drive this thing”

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    omawarisan: low lower lowest … I can’t see after that. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: fish aren’t really sexy, are they? … not like muskrats … or whatever the Captain and Tenille were singing about.

    Cynical Scribble: it’s been one of my favourite songs for a long time, but isn’t it everyone’s?
    Steve Miller‘s “The Joker” still is at the top of charts for me though.

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