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Order Chronological


If most historians view events chronologically,

biologists must view them chromologically.


note: I am  chronological orderinarily.

double note: I wonder if Pulp Fiction would be a good movie if it was spliced together in chronological order.

triple note: putting things in order is a chronicological disorder.

quadruple note: Mr. Pettit  gets the credit for sticking “chronological” in my head … and the triple note.


Today #351

Today I realized that Spaghetti Westerns are called Macaroni Westerns in Japan.
… it’s the little differences.

Lazy Snowman


I thought a “planking” snowman might be funny
… and I had nothing else to do today.

But …

later in the day, Mr. Pettit  came by and found this a bit disturbing for some reason: maybe he doesn’t like orange.

So I fixed it up,

… after he left.

Sundays are pretty productive around here.


note:People know that nothing rhymes with orange
          probably from the day that they are bornge

double note: people are doing weird things out there to entertain themselves.


Today #338

Today was violently mellow … or disturbingly peaceful.



Toilet Paper And Toast


Toilet paper and toast are the same:

– you wipe stuff on both of them.
you usually only use one side of them.
– the most common types start out white and then turn brown.
2 pieces are often used at the same time.
– they both eventually get flushed down the toilet.
and …
– they both can be really crumby.


note:  I have to give an assist to Mr. Pettit  on this one. The toilet paper and toast conundrum really got his neuron snapping.
(that’s not a typo … he only has one)


Today #310

I’m glad this was in my toast slot today, so I could have a photo for todays toast. Thank you very much Mr. Toastman. Toastal service in Japan is pretty good.



You know when you go to a foreign food market and there are a lot of foreign people chatting happily and buying weird stuff?

That was me
; at the new Costco that opened up around here recently.

I always thought Asians, Africans, Europeans, Central/South Americans, and others were just happy shoppers when I lived in Canada.

Go figure.


note: I may have hugged the cheese refrigerator … I’m sure people laughed at me.

double note: some things were really cheap, some things were “must haves” and reasonably priced, and other things not such a good deal.

triple note: as Mr. Pettit  said, “It’s not as cheap as Costco in the U.S.,  … but  this pizza is awesome and super cheap here!

quadruple note: I’m eating ravioli for the first time in 6 years! … love affair renewed. … I may start listening to Neil Diamond music again. … I’m actually  listening to him now, but that’s a secret. It wasn’t the ravioli; he’s just that good.

quintuple note: it appears Mr. Pettit and I have written on the same topic. This has to be a first!



Today #279

Nothing unusual happened  today … which was unusual.

Counter Circulatory Disease



Why isn’t/aren’t there …


over the anti-drugs


note: I try to avoid enanti-groups.

double note: Mr. Pettit  deserves an assist on this blog. He came up with “countereater” and a few others, before my mind got kicked-in.


Today #272

Today was anti-productive … except for the cleaning and eating parts. … I’m not sure about the blogging part.

Not Only Elephants


How many straws are necessary to break your back?
How many buttons have to be pushed?
Where is the line drawn in the sand?
Water boils at  100 °C (212 °F) … when do you boil?

If you wake up in the morning with a straw, button, and a sandy line embedded in your skull, I may have stopped by.

I’m probably at home cooking with the boiling water.


note: I don’t hold grudges; I carry them in my pockets.

double note: I’m all about live and let live, but that doesn’t mean I’m forgetful.

triple note: this post has no relevance to things happening now. I’m just reminiscing … or reminisinging things.  hee hee!


Today #271

Today I realized that I do remember most people in a positive way … and realized that my best friend‘s video needed to be posted again over here.

Stop Taking Crappy Photos: Tip #1


I’ve discovered how to stop taking crappy photos of moving things!



I let Mr. Pettit  take the photos.


note: I went to a BBQ on the weekend expecting this:


… but this was on the menu before the steaks

 double note: sometimes I’m in the right place at the right time … and even invited!


Today #260

Today didn’t have any BBQing or Tahitian Dancing in it. … bummer.

Disposable Change


It’s amazing how putting a different nose on a person changes their appearance dramatically:

… except Mr. Potato Head … he always kind of looks the same.


note: I went for “the dude” cup.

double note: the last time I used a paper cup was at the dentists … although it involved more swishing and spitting than actually drinking.

triple note: thank you to Mr. Pettit for taking this photo.


Today #241

Today wasn’t really that bad, but it wasn’t really that good either: it was just really for most of the time. “Keeping it really” was today’s catchphrase.

Giant Outdoor Litterbox

This is how to make a giant outdoor litterbox outside of your house. (making a giant outdoor litterbox inside your house may prove more difficult)


First: choose a location.

Second: make a border using something. I used the natural rocks found nearby on top of the area.

Third: add soil. If you add regular dirt or cat litter, that’s okay … because it will become soiled eventually.

And that’s about it.

I guess cats will probably get involved at some point, but you don’t need any of your own.
To bastardize  a line from Shoeless Joe by W. P. Kinsella:

If you build it, they will come.


note: I put flowers in my giant outdoor litterbox while I wait for those cats.

double note: a big thank you to Mr. Pettit  for suggesting this rental property improvement … eventhough he didn’t do any of the work!
… why do I feel like “The Little Red Hen“?


Today #197

I was more outvolved in today than involved.

Pillow Talk


I had the perfect pillow, but it’s gone now.

I can’t remember what happened to it.
I took it for granted most likely … and it slipped away from me.

Since then I’ve tortured myself with a long line of wannabes, fakes, no goods, frauds, almosters, not-even-closers, and poor substituters.

One day I will have the perfect pillow again … one day.

The perfect pillow is like a halo:

… once it’s floating around your head, it’s heavenly.


note: I spend a lot of time pillow fighting by myself these days.

double note: I’ve lived through the pillows and pilhighs of sleepless and sleepmore nights.

triple note: I’m glad I have the above photo … because doing a photo shoot with my extensive supply of crap pillows would be a bit disturbing.
(I’m sure the pillows in the windows are pillow sillky)

quadruple note: apologies for not being over at your blogs lately: I’m having problems concentrating lately … like those lazy oranges that don’t make it into frozen orange juice.


Today 190

Today Mr. Pettit  suggested reforms to expand my garden. I think I like his ideas:
I’ll keep you posted on all the implementing type stuff when it comes to fruition … or I have time to implefruition stuff.