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La La La


Why can I “la la la” all day,
… but only “ra ra ra” for a minute before my jaw gets sore?

I’m glad I don’t listen to those “ra ra ra” songs: they are tough.


false note: J

note: it’s even more difficult to type “ra ra ra” than “la la la“!


Today #207

 Today started before I got up: like most other days.

Screaming … But Not For Ice Cream Probably


It really bothers me when someone starts yelling and screaming at me.

I didn’t do anything!

… usually I just move the boat further away from them. La la la.


Man! What’s that guy’s problem? Now he’s waving too!

I don’t know him!

… I wave back anyway: I’m nice like that sometimes.


note: a peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich would be very cool. Maybe the peanut butter part would take the sting out of it. Let me know.

double note: If you are on a deserted island … then it’s not really deserted anymore, is it?


notes to myself #114

Oxo cubes aren’t made from oxen.

oh yeah! … it’s oxen not oxes.

Consider this a twofer.