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Characters have to have character:

… or they are just left on the drawing board.


note: what makes Miffy, Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Bart Simpson and Mickey Mouse so special?

double note: Does Mr. Gucci only wear Gucci? Does Mr. Armani only wear Armani? Does Mr. Levi only wear Levi’s? Does Mr. Loom only wear Fruit of the Loom?
Planetross wears Planetross stuff, but only because it’s not cool. I’m sure if it ever caught on, I’d never wear that trendsetter stuff … unless I could get a lucrative endorsement.

triple note: I spend more time telling people that the teeth are pickles. For some reason, people think they are caterpillars: dill pickles aren’t very popular over here to be fair.


Today #228

Today none of my students wanted any of my imaginary ketchup sandwiches.



I went to a bicycle shop with Mr. Pettit  today. He is a cyclist: it’s one of his passions/hobbies.

Me? What’s my passion/hobby?

I collect thoughts, phrases, ideas, and other things requiring little space.

I don’t need a space ship … a space shoebox will do.


note: I don’t need a bicycle either … just a seat is okay.

double note: since Razzbuffnik seems to be on hiatus, here is a band that defines cool … or hip on planetross:


Today #140

Today I realized that humming in a drum is okay sometimes.


Another Bellybutton Anniversary!


No candles on my birthday cake this year.

I’m on “BirthDaylight Saving Time“.


note: it’s always a “birthday” … never a “birthnight“!

double note: some people see birthdays as a “millstones“, I just see them as “milestones“.


Today #105

Today I get to be 46 all day!!!
… What! I don’t go back to 45 tomorrow!!!
What a rip-off!!!

Material Bystander


Some books are made into great movies.

Mine is more t-shirt and coffee mug material.


note: I think my next book will be thicker … I need some sweaters for the winter.


Mean Things I Say About People #3

“No, you don’t sound like a broken record … you sound like a half broken record … cause I can still hear you.
(the italicized section is usually muttered inaudibly)

Same Ship, Different Day


My little book “Same Ship, Different Day” is now in print!

I think most of you have seen most of this stuff already in a little different form on WordPress already, so I would really like to send anyone and everyone on my blogroll a free copy to say thank you for reading and leaving comments on this blog.
My e-mail is:

Your names are at the back of the book as well! … if that is any incentive.

You can preview the entire book for free by clicking on the link below. Leaving a comment over at Blurb would be greatly appreciated as well.


note: a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Erica Pannen, Jan Kennedy, and Nancy Roberge for proofreading and offering constructive criticism.
… and a BIG THANK YOU to Kelly Pettit for doing the front and backcover up so nicely.


notes to myself #199

We get tired of writing notes to ourself, so we end up putting something else down at the bottom of these posts after notes to myself #199.

Blogbligatory Entry


It has been 2 years since I started blogging on wordpress.

This is almost becoming a regular annual reoccurence.

I always knew I had nothing to write about …
I just never knew how much nothing I had to write about.

When I shake my head there is still something rattling inside it, so I am not empty yet.

I will continue to move ahead … or continue … or not stop … or something like that.
… it just won’t be a head like those Easter Islanders made.

I will go fourth and prosper like Norway in the 2010 Olympic medal standings … and possibly Thor Heyerdahl will visit me in my sleep while I’m awake, so I remember it, and tell me how to move a head better.


note: thanks to everyone who actually continue to read these things on a regular basis frequently.
You are all puttons for glunishment … or some real words that sound similar … like bad homonyms.


notes to myself #148

You are always a bridesmaid never a bride. … it’s a lesser of two evils scenario if you think about it.


I seem to care about nothing much …  but sometimes much is too much to care about … so I will care about this because it means so much to  people who I don’t know and will never meet, but I’d like to.

I care … sometimes.


notes to myself: #113 

sometimes you have to care about others.