Old Futures


Thinking about the past gets me all rewound up!


note: I’m “passive digressive” usually.

double note: wind energy should be called “rewind“.

triple note:rewound” could be when you hurt yourself in the same place twice.


Today #208

You know the moment when you realize the water level in the toilet is too high: that was today.

5 responses to “Old Futures

  1. John cougar’s pink houses must have been a huge hit with that family!!

    The song “Freeze Frame” by J Geils Band could have taken things a step farther with the line “Now Freeze! Now I’m lookin’ at a flashback Sunday”.

    He should have said – “Rewind Sunday” to please your blog. (but I guess he’s “stuck in the moment”).

  2. Wind is actually caused by difference in pressure. Without low pressure the wind air wouldn’t have any place to go. We joke that Wyoming is always so windy because Nebraska sucks. So Wind energy is actually exploiting the power of suck.

  3. I could never live in a pink house.

    People who live in the past never look to the future…or something like that.

    Is wind a renewable energy? Can you recycle wind?

  4. Isn’t wind energy just called a fart? That pink house is really out there in a non-fashionable kind of way.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Kelly Pettit: if I was in a music group, it would be called “The Leg Band“. hee hee!

    prairieflounder: hee hee! So kite flying is a low pressure activity?

    Tammy: you’d have to be pretty brave to go into a paint store and buy 10 gallons of pink paint!
    My knowledge about wind is fleeting; ask prairieflounder, he is the wind expert around these parts. (true)

    Tony: I don’t think anyone actually lives in that house … at least not well.

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