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If I’m half in the sack, I’m usually just sleeping funny
… and not crawling into bed with anyone.


note: where I grew up, a “half-sack” was a “six pack of beer“: twelve beer was a case.
I never made a case out of the half-sack business though. I wasn’t a lawyer .. or Jesus with those loaves … or that annoying character from the Charles Dickens‘ book that does specials on TV about disappearing the Statue of Liberty … or anything.


Today #274

Today I discovered that Today #274 was incorrect, so now it’s correct … except for the first part being incorrect anymore.



Sometimes I like to “irrelevent”.

I cant’ believe popsicles were never mentioned in Charles Dickens’ novels!

When Elvis died, I didn’t have a hamster.

AC/DC never won best female vocalist of the year in 1962. It’s a shame.

Other times, I just keep quiet … and think these things to myself.


note: one day it will all be irrelevantagious hopefully … one day.

double note: on the day that eyelids are classified as useless, I probably won’t even blink.

triple note: that double note doesn’t have anything to do with anything, … but maybe it does … eventually on purpose randomly planned.


Today #182

Today was so quiet at work I could hear pins thinking about dropping.

Bah Humbug!

I’m glad Scrooge’s catchphrase is “Bah Humbug!” and not  … 
Hab Bumhug!” because that would sound funny.

note: I used to think it was the ghost of Bob Marley in the story until I became intelligent or something.

double note: Really! How many versions of  “A Christmas Carol” do we need? After Alastair Sim, there is nothing.

“Put a fork in it; it’s done!”