La La La


Why can I “la la la” all day,
… but only “ra ra ra” for a minute before my jaw gets sore?

I’m glad I don’t listen to those “ra ra ra” songs: they are tough.


false note: J

note: it’s even more difficult to type “ra ra ra” than “la la la“!


Today #207

 Today started before I got up: like most other days.

4 responses to “La La La

  1. I guess 130 000 000 Japanese people must be pretty pissed at their language. You’d think if “La” was easier than “Ra”, they’d have converted! I guess it’s the same with the chopsticks. They bump into western civilization, see the invention of the shovel. “Shovel, spoon, shovel spoon”…. but nope… not gonna convert!

  2. MK Lorry. What does that mean. Before I looked closer, I thought it said “Ink Lottery” which made my wonder if the truck was full of ink.

  3. Ra must be more popular as I never hear any one cheering Hip Hip Hoo La

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Kelly Pettit: Japanese people must have pretty good jaw muscles!

    writerdood: Lorry is a truck in English English … not sure what the MK stands for though. It just makes me think of milk for some reason.
    Ink Lottery! … I don’t have a ticket for that. (disappointed face)

    Tony McGurk: hee hee! good point.

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