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People with pet gorillas must have to carry some pretty big plastic bags around in their pockets when they take them for walks.


note: I don’t have a pet dog … I carry other crap around in plastic bags.

double note: a Zoo is always a zoo … even when it’s not busy.


Today #180

I hope today turns out like a pocket … because they turn out quite well usually.



I guess fish just say, “There are plenty of us here.


note: “depth perception” probably means something different to fish.

double note:sal, tro, tun, mac, sol, her, cat” … I’m practicing my fish scales.


Today #154

I wish there was a song about “today” in the musical “Annie” … I’m sure it would be uplifting, spunky, and a real toe-tapper.



If I had a pet, I’d name it “Peeve”.

It would probably grow into its name.

I’m not really a pet person, … I’m more of a pet person person.


note: if I had 2 pets, I’d name the other one “Padam” … and then have both of them neutered.


Today #107

Today my pencil was not very subtle … I had to sharpen it.



My friend tells me odd facts: the latest tidbit,

“People with pets live 3 years longer than people without pets.”

I had pets when I was a kid: I’m covered.


note: people who work at pet stores must live forever.

double note: I bet pets live longer when they have owners … especially fish.

triple note: the original Odd Fact is here.

quadruple note: this computer is still dying, but I will try to make it last until payday … kind of like my money.


Today #52

I had an eye test today … my score was 2.

Experiment #6


Three of my experiments are dead or complete.
The other two are limping along.
I was in a rut and needed something new to fill in countless freetime hours.

I was debating over growing mini-carrots or becoming a mini-peanut plantation owner when Mr. Pettit  brought my attention to “The Legend of Ants: Pyramid Mystery” through pointing and more pointing.

I’m not really a pet person, but ants I can handle! … and I can call myself a farmer too!

So myself and Mr. Pettit  are now owners of ant farms and will probably have farmer tans in no time … and start petitioning the government for subsidies … and wearing overalls over our underalls … and hanging out at farmers’ markets and stuff.


note: ants are hard to catch … alive.

double note: top right hand corner “KIDS with ANT“.

triple note: I have the cool pyramid one. Mr. Pettit went for the traditional model.


notes to myself #175

Chocolate milk never loses its appeal.



Lately I’ve been disregardening.


note: the only things growing in my yard are the pile of leaves, the number of dead flowers, and what the nextdoor neighbour’s cat has been daily  “deposhitting” on the lawn.

double note: it’s the usual suspect  again … and again … and again …

triple note: sorry I haven’t been making my usual rounds … still mildly unmotivated by whatever I have. I think it’s slowly going away … or coming back … depending on what I’m talking about.


notes to myself #65

Kraft Dinner never loses it’s magic.

The Usual Suspect

Caught in the Act



note: my garden trowel gets washed daily.




I do like wrestling!

Why do you ask?


note: this is what happens when dogs lose bets.

double note: I think this dog would like to disown its owner.

triple note: when I asked to take the photo, the owner made sure the mask and outfit were all straightened and tidy.

quadruple note: I’d hate to see how their kids are dressed.

quintuple note:

“How does it feel to be wearing that outfit in public?”


Simple Explanations

 "elephants" by Linda Edwards



I’ve just realized that I’ve never seen anyone bring an elephant in to the local veterinarian clinic!

I guess they don’t get sick very often.


note:  “Elephants” by Linda Edwards from here.

double note: Do elephants suffer from humaniasis?

triple note: Wow! I forgot to put on an entry yesterday: I’m no elephant, I guess.

Doggie Do’s and Don’ts

opposites attract

Do you know why dogs stick their heads out of car windows?

Because there isn’t enough literature on the dangers of doing this being given out to dogs.

and … English to Dog translators are a dying breed.


note: I’m waiting for “pet safety seats” in cars to become mandatory … or … dogdatory.

double note: “flying carpets” are cool; “flying car pets” are not. (not even birds)

triple note: A catchy slogan might be: “Keep your dogsaliva longer; buckle them up!

*SPECIAL NOTE* my “New Experiment” has died (sad face).