If a megaphone makes your voice louder,

shouldn’t a microphone make your voice quieter?

I could be wrong: I usually am.


note: this cordless mic used to have candy inside it … now it’s cordless and candyless … and no fun at all.

double note: the next microphone I buy will be like the one Derek Zoolander had in that movie which I forget the name of.


6 responses to “MegaMicroMacroMini

  1. Almost looks like a cord on that microphone, or is it a tail? Maybe the candy inside was meant to make you sing loudly… works with kids sometimes, I hear.

  2. Donald Diddams: the cord is a piece of string that has been sucked, drooled on, and exposed to saliva of young children for a year. I need to hit the candy aisle of the store again. I ate the candy inside, so there is a good ending to the story.

  3. Hey You’re right. I never considered that before. Now you need to contact all microphone manufacturers & tell them to change their Mics so they work properly.

  4. Tony: they might just make microphones a lot smaller and not fix the problem at all! … sneaky microphone makers! grrrrrrr!

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