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Signs And Writing


I can’t read the writing on the wall

… it’s on the other side , I guess.


note: what the hell does an exclamation mark sign mean!

double note: I’ll start worrying when I see question mark signs.

of special note: omawarisan over at Blurt needs a new header on his blog and is having a contest! I’ve submitted my entry: you should check out all the clever entries over at his blog. The contest is still going on … so just saying.
(I don’t include my entry as clever … that would be presumptuous … and I’m more consumptuous)


Today #245

Today I bought booze at a Do It Yourself center … I found that ironic … or sad … or the cheapest place in town to buy it … or found it at least.



I guess fish just say, “There are plenty of us here.


note: “depth perception” probably means something different to fish.

double note:sal, tro, tun, mac, sol, her, cat” … I’m practicing my fish scales.


Today #154

I wish there was a song about “today” in the musical “Annie” … I’m sure it would be uplifting, spunky, and a real toe-tapper.


People don’t make food in the shapes of too many animals.

I guess people don’t really want to eat a piece of pork, beef, or chicken that has been molded into the shape of a pig, cow, or chicken. It’s unsettling or unappetizing for many.

But chocolate! … you can mold any animal shape out of that stuff and people will eat it and ask for seconds.

People must be chocolate desensitized.

I’m glad I wasn’t born a chocolate animal.


note:It looks like a human baby! I get the head!”

double note: the things in the photo are Butaman, pork filled dumpling thingeys.

triple note: I didn’t eat one of them this time. I tried the venison filled ones.
… there were no cute deer faces on them though.

quadruple note: I eat vegetables and fruit that are shaped like vegetables and fruit, … but that’s different.


Today #79

Today was like a Pink Floyd concert. I think it was good, but I don’t really remember too much about it.



 What’s with males and the color pink?

By the time most boys are 5 years old the color pink has been hardwired into their heads as being a girls’ color. 

For boys …

no pink bicycles; no pink clothing; no pink toys.

A fluffy bunny doll is okay, but not a pink fluffy bunny doll.

Boys aren’t even offered the option of pink for most things … and if they are, their parents would probably direct them away from that option.

It’s societal brainwashing … about a color.

When did this start? and why?

I’m not an advocate for boys wearing pink: I’m as brainwashed as the next guy.

I’m just wondering.


note: yellow and polka dots are questionable too!

double note: the only pink t-shirt I’d wear is a Pink Floyd one … or this.

triple note: I unconsciously consider all Flamingos female … and I don’t know why!

quadruple note: a pink pig doll is okay for boys … there isn’t much you can do with a pig sometimes.

quintuple note: bubble gum, pink elephant popcorn, and cotton candy are exceptions for some reason. I guess the brainwashing doesn’t include food … or near food products.


notes to myself #127

When you finally buy a suit, the salesman sells you a light rose colored shirt to go with it: it’s pink.
It’s not so bad really.

You Know What I Mean


This morning was really Tracy Chapmanish

… the rest of the day turned out quite mellow.


note: most Saturday nights are Kelly Pettitish … but that’s because he usually comes over to my place.

double note: I don’t think I can get any Barry Manilower than this post.

triple note:   “a simile is a simile” … but that’s a metaphor!

quadruple note: what’s a metaphor? … oh! it’s one word … and has that tricky “ph” sounds like an “f” stuff happening … nevermind.


notes to myself #81

You are not the guy who pulls out the guitar at beach campfires and sings “Redemption Song” and “Wish You Were Here” and … that’s about it.

Accepting Charges

this is not a phone


I bought a “Collect Calling Card”.


note: I’m ringtone deaf.

double note: a collect calling card would have saved Mr. Floyd a lot of trouble dealing with that operator.


notes to myself #28

When the car breaks down on a dirt road in Australia”s Kakadu National Park have patience; a mechanic will be by shortly to solve the problem. The alternative costs a lot of money.

Walls and Fences


There are some pretty famous walls in the world: The Great Wall of China, The Wailing Wall, The Berlin Wall, Hadrian’s Wall, even Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”.

The wall at Kilmainham Gaol, where authorities shot members of the 1916 Uprising, in Dublin is pretty famous too!  (and you can fit in a Guiness tour on the same day, if you are well organized)

There’s a wall on Isabella Island in the Galapagos Islands. It’s not globally famous, but it’s historically interesting. Built by convicts: they had to complete so many meters a day. At first it mustn’t have been too difficult; lots of stones nearby. But everyday the prisoners had to go further and further away to collect enough stones to extend the wall by the days required number of meters.

That must have been a bitch!

The wall wasn’t going anywhere special; just a project to work convicts to death.

Fences usually aren’t very famous.

It’s usually what’s inside them that is well known: Area 51 in New Mexico and a few refugee centers in Australia are the only ones I can think of. Fences in the English countryside are a little interesting; they have little steps to get over them, when you are hiking around. Don’t worry the sheep though: that’s a big no-no.

In the animal world, I think fences are more famous than walls: more infamous at least. There are probably a lot of animals, all over the world, grumbling about fences right now.

I’d wager that in the Animal World, Pink Floyd’s “Animals” album is a far better seller than “The Wall” too.