I went to a bicycle shop with Mr. Pettit  today. He is a cyclist: it’s one of his passions/hobbies.

Me? What’s my passion/hobby?

I collect thoughts, phrases, ideas, and other things requiring little space.

I don’t need a space ship … a space shoebox will do.


note: I don’t need a bicycle either … just a seat is okay.

double note: since Razzbuffnik seems to be on hiatus, here is a band that defines cool … or hip on planetross:



Today #140

Today I realized that humming in a drum is okay sometimes.


7 responses to “Hobbies

  1. I find this to be a quite excellent post. I well and truly liked it. No joke.

  2. S. Le: thanks.

    note: the wheels/tires in the photo were going for $1700 a pair!

  3. That’s Yen right? lol.

  4. sweetiegirlz: no no no! in yen it was about Y150,000. I was nice and approximately converted the sum in my head and everything!
    The tires actually weighed about as much as a pack of cigarettes.

  5. I should start a hobby of collecting hobbies. I could pursue a passion for passion fruit but I don’t like it. The seeds in the yellowish stuff reminds me too much of bird droppings.

  6. Tony: When people ask me what my hobby is, I ask “How much do you weigh?
    That freaks people out for some reason. hee hee!

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