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I guess fish just say, “There are plenty of us here.


note: “depth perception” probably means something different to fish.

double note:sal, tro, tun, mac, sol, her, cat” … I’m practicing my fish scales.


Today #154

I wish there was a song about “today” in the musical “Annie” … I’m sure it would be uplifting, spunky, and a real toe-tapper.

You Know What I Mean


This morning was really Tracy Chapmanish

… the rest of the day turned out quite mellow.


note: most Saturday nights are Kelly Pettitish … but that’s because he usually comes over to my place.

double note: I don’t think I can get any Barry Manilower than this post.

triple note:   “a simile is a simile” … but that’s a metaphor!

quadruple note: what’s a metaphor? … oh! it’s one word … and has that tricky “ph” sounds like an “f” stuff happening … nevermind.


notes to myself #81

You are not the guy who pulls out the guitar at beach campfires and sings “Redemption Song” and “Wish You Were Here” and … that’s about it.