In My Dreams … #7

my next house


In my dreams  I can fly!

… but when I try to land anywhere something always tries to swat me.

It’s really annoying!


note: photo taken in one of the DisneySea sections.

double note: #1  and #2  and #3  and #4  and #5  and #6  are still slumbering along.

7 responses to “In My Dreams … #7

  1. I never did the flying dream thing, but I had one once that I could BOUNCE! It was pretty awesome until I realized that stopping was going to be a problem.

    -Turkish Prawn

  2. I used to have lots of flying dreams but haven’t had one now for years. Maybe the Dream Police saw how old I was getting & thought the snakes chasing me dream was a safer option

  3. “Help me!”

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Turkish Prawn: I think I stopped dreaming about flying when I was 10. From what my younger students say, 10 or 11 seems to be the end of the Peter Pan years for many … sadly.
    Bouncing! cool! I haven’t done that in a dream since watching the old “Flubber” movies with Fred MacMurray!
    How cool was Fred MacMurray? Pretty cool!

    Tony: I never dream about being chased by snakes. … although sometimes legless lizards try to hunt me down … but they are in wheelchairs, so I just run for escalators, eggtimer sand, or big thumbtack fields … and then I’m safe. hee hee!

    S. Le: Is this a Seth Brundle reference? The fly that went through the machine with Jeff Goldblum didn’t have much of an acting career afterwards. hee hee!

    airaisane: thank you for your comments, but when I clicked on your site all the virus alarms went crazy. You might want to check that out.

  5. S. Le: Classic! I’d forgotten about the original.
    I knew it was something from one of “The Fly” movies.
    Vincent Price as Egghead in the old Batman series was classic too! … but that just might be me.

  6. “Just a fly”….
    Well they do all look the same to me
    But you just never know…..
    I just got to the “Help Me!!!” bit in the spider web. Freaky!!!
    He never had it???
    Phillipe saw the fly!!! In the garden!!!
    Good Grief that was a huge boulder he hit the spider & the fly with
    Disturbing, disturbing indeed…

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