In My Dreams #11


In my dreams … I dream the same things over and over again

… but they are on a 10 year loop, so it’s not so bad.

The ones about flying and eating candy are the best!


note: photo not taken from an airplane.

double note: #1  and #2  and #3  and #4  and #5  and #6  and #7  and #8 and #9  and #10  are still slumbering along.


notes to myself #138

No one is ever waiting for you
… you are always early.


7 responses to “In My Dreams #11

  1. Flying & eating candy, isn’t there some department of aviation law against that. I think it’s enforced by the dream police…

  2. They are having a good time…. 🙂

  3. “I dream the same things over and over again ”

    The same thing happens to me if I drink coffee in the afternoons.

  4. My dreams are strange and disjointed so I try to avoid dreaming or at least forget what I dreamed, or is it dreamt? The older I get the more I dream. Either that or I’m awake half the night hallucinating.

  5. My dreams are similar to S. Le’s. They are bizarre and 10 things are going on at once.

    I sometimes dream of falling and then jerk and wake up when I “hit the ground”. I hate that.

    I like the new photo.

  6. I love the picture! Lucky you, a 10 year loop isn’t bad at all. that’s a lot of variety. lol.

  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    Tony: I try not to fly and eat candy at the same time in my dreams, but it happens: I have no control over my dreams sometimes. hee hee!

    Doraz: this was the highlight of Dance Recital Madness 2010.
    Last year’s is still dancing here:

    Razzbuffnik: someone I know dreams that he is in a swimming pool and the pool tarp is pulled over him. He calls for help, but no one comes. He has dreamt this 4 times a week for probably 30 years.
    I don’t think I’d ever want to go to sleep if I was him.

    S. Le: I hate forgetting really good dreams. I can’t hold on to too many of them: they just disappear like farts in the wind.

    Tammy: I only dream about falling in the … autumn … or something like that.

    I thought this was kind of a dreamy type photo … and the other one was getting stale.

    sweetiegirlz: thanks.
    It’s amazing how most dreams are different, but somehow the same. It’s like watching tv. hee hee!

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