note: the other 2 intrepid traveler cartoons are “Indecision” and “Confrontationalizing“.

double note: I sense a “Money Making Scheme“, “Sara n’ Mic“, and maybe a few other little series coming back for a visit!

triple note: I tell the truth normally, but I’ll make a deception in your case.

quadruple note: does anyone call it “Washington D. C.eive” … or did I just think of that?

quintuple note: I’m not picking on Washington D.C. … it was either that or DC Comics.

2 responses to “Deception

  1. Washington D. Ceive is quite accurate. No doubt they shortened it for convenience sake. Well that and nobody wanted to live there. Come to think of it, nobody wants to live there anyway.

  2. S. Le: thanks for the comment. I thought I was going to get skunked on this one!

    … so you’re saying that Washington D.C. is not so good a place to live then?

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