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A Drive By


You know  that little kid, with the big smile, 
waving to you out of the backseat window of a car,
as it speeds by you,
while you sit at the traffic lights?

I know that kid!

… or I used to.


note: I sometimes pretend I’m going to a cool place: … it’s a placebo holiday … or something like that.

double note: Ihaven’tbeentothespacebarforawhile.Iwonderifit’sthesameoldcrowd?

triple note: sorry I have been a bit infrequent frequenting your blogs. I’m working on something very hush hush.
mmm … what do bloggers want to do with their blogs eventually?
No! not delete them like Tony does!
I meant other bloggers.


notes to myself #153

You slowly change, but there is no “pupa” stage involved.
Do you think you are going to turn into a butterfly … or something?