In My Dreams … #2

 my next house


In my dreams I dream I am dying slowly …  and then I wake up and realize I am dying slowly.

… so I go back to sleep and dream about immortality.


note: photo taken in one of the DisneySea sections.

6 responses to “In My Dreams … #2

  1. Funny – unexpectedly funny 🙂

  2. Well….lately you have not been having too much success in your dreams….so I suggest you become a zombie!!! LOL

  3. Can you do that, dream at will 🙂 ? Do tell how, I have a specific soundtrack i always wanted to include in my dreams 😦

    The house is gorgeous

  4. So what have you been eating before bed? Burritos?

  5. Thanks for all the comments.

    Marsha J. O’Brien: thanks for stopping by. I think this one’s a bit dark … it needed a nightlight. hee hee!

    Doraz: If zombies worked, they’d make great long distance truck drivers.

    Mental Mist: sadly I can’t do that … but that would be pretty cool.

    sweetiegirlz: if I ate burritos before bed, I wouldn’t be dying slowly … anybody else in the room would be. hee hee!

  6. Are you going all philosophical on us now?

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