A Drive By


You know  that little kid, with the big smile, 
waving to you out of the backseat window of a car,
as it speeds by you,
while you sit at the traffic lights?

I know that kid!

… or I used to.


note: I sometimes pretend I’m going to a cool place: … it’s a placebo holiday … or something like that.

double note: Ihaven’tbeentothespacebarforawhile.Iwonderifit’sthesameoldcrowd?

triple note: sorry I have been a bit infrequent frequenting your blogs. I’m working on something very hush hush.
mmm … what do bloggers want to do with their blogs eventually?
No! not delete them like Tony does!
I meant other bloggers.


notes to myself #153

You slowly change, but there is no “pupa” stage involved.
Do you think you are going to turn into a butterfly … or something?


13 responses to “A Drive By

  1. I’ve seen that kid, but I don’t know him.
    I think my kids do though.
    They always wave back.

  2. It is sooo much fun to pretend! 🙂 Make it happen all day! lol

  3. Sometimes, if you go back to being that kid, it confuses people.

  4. I’d like to have a “car” like that for buzzing around my city. I could park in the trolly corral!

    I’ve been contemplating my blog (and my navel) lately as well. I’m trying to decide what I want to do with it. I may try micro-blogging; like Twitter but not. We’ll see.

  5. Did you also lay in the back seat window and look up at the sky? we did that. but that was before seatbelt laws, or maybe we had really negligent parents. I don’t know how people survived being a kid!

  6. That’s not a car. That’s a roller skate.

  7. It fits a (small) family of 6, though.

  8. Thanks for all the comments!

    writerdood: thanks for stopping by. Little kids look so damn happy … and when they dont, I just walk to the next cage at the zoo. hee hee!

    omawarisan: people are confusing.
    I always try for the free balloon give away at the stores because I don’t think I got enough of those when I was younger. I bet if everyone got a balloon everyday, the world would be less violent … and I’d be rich.
    oh! I’d be a balloon manufacturer … and violent criminals would get hot air balloons.

    S. Le: I see this one once a week, but this was the first opportunity to take a photo. There’s an FTD florist van that whizzes around the city that’s pretty small too!
    I’m working on a book of the more most better of past blog entries. My unofficial deadline date is the end of April. I will send anyone on my blogroll a freebie copy, if they would like one. … and I’m talking book form!

    note to myself: delete a lot of people from the blogroll. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: I used to do that in my Dad’s old Buick! He eventually bought a Renault 5 for some reason and I couldn’t do that anymore … and I was too big anyway.

    Dennis the Vizsla: it does look like a rollerskate! … or a muffin … or something like that.

    Donald Diddams: a very small family of 6 definitely.
    The car is so small … the driver is also a backseat driver. hee hee!

  9. Ouch!!! That was a cheap shot. Actually it won’t be so cheap after I sue you for defaming my character. Oh hang on I can only sue if it’s not true, looks like you just saved a thousand yen.

    I had a bus load of school kids waving at me & pulling faces once. I held up my egg & bacon McMuffin & they suddenly weren’t so cheeky as their faces filled with envy. Ha Ha 10 points to me SUCKERS!!!!!

  10. P.S. What an odd little narrow car

  11. I used to think the moon was following me! But now I know it doesn’t. And it’s made of cheese!

  12. Tony: you are cleverishly cruel. I’m sure those kids are still traumatized … or hounding their parents to take them to McD’s.

    It’s a pretty small car. I call it a “Scar” for short. hee hee!

    Kelly Pettit: the moon follows me, but only in the daytime. I don’t know where it goes at night.

  13. Sign me up for your book if I’m still on your blogroll at the end of April!

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