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While sitting in the outdoor hotspring pool during a lightning storm, I was mesmerized by all the bugs flying into the nearby electric bug zapper.

I felt sorry for the bugs for being so stupid

… and for not being able to wear a metal hat like mine.


note: sometimes being “well grounded” doesn’t really mean being “well grounded“.

double note: a lecture on the dangers of lightning would probably just go in one ear and out the other … or through my skull and out the soles of my feet.


If I Die Wearing An ipod #2

If I die wearing an ipod, I hope I don’t fall into water … because those things aren’t waterproof.



As I sat in the hot spring pool, I listened to six elderly gentlemen discuss what they were going to eat for lunch.

A few were going to eat at home, one was going to try a new family restaurant, another was going to eat sushi, and the remaining two were still undecided.

One man asked me what I was going to eat for lunch.

I don’t usually think about that at 6 pm” I replied.


note:lunch! it’s not just for breakfast and dinner anymore!

double note: my world doesn’t revolve around food: my world is food! … and yours too … if you’re not going to finish that little bit on your plate.

triple note: I’ve made myself hungry. I might slip out for a late night ramen feed after posting this.


notes to myself #158

You feel good when you eat a big salad for lunch. You feel hungry and unsatisfied as well, but good none the less.