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Is there an opposite to “Truth Serum“?

That would be something!

Dare Serum”!


note: anything that isn’t Truth Serum is False Serum
… if you want to know the truth.


what I’m listening to now #58: Barenaked LadiesPinch Me“.

Most Children


Most children ask, “Why is the sky blue?”

As a child my question was …

“Why is the sky sky-blue?”

I was childish even as a child.


note: I consider it a twofer when I can see the moon in the daytime. … seeing the sun at night would be more of a done f0r.



If all people started out as one of the three primary colours, eventually everyone would be the colour of what I used to mix up in kindergarten.

I always thought that was a good colour.


note: I’m sure there would be some hardliner blues, yellows, and reds that never mixed … but that’s a secondary issue … or maybe a primary issue.

double note: I bet pink boys would curse their red and albino parents.

triple note: aliens were probably disappointed that people weren’t bright colours when colour television was invented … I know I was … especially about referee jerseys.  hee hee!

quadruple note: I’m colour deaf … I can’t hear any of them!

quintuple note:Why so blue?” 
                                      “It’s hereditary.


Today #201

I went to a “Happened” today … it was like a “Happening“, but I arrived late.



I’ve discovered a few cures for diseases and viruses over the years.

It’s just that the diseases and viruses haven’t been discovered yet.

I’m patiently waiting.


note: doctors never discover the cure before the disease. … I guess you need a “pre doctoral” degree instead of a “post doctoral” degree for that stuff.

double note: bird flu, mad cow, swine flu, …
                                I bet the horses are getting nervous.

triple note: without a chimney there never is a flue season.


Today #129

I know the days are getting longer in the Northern Hemisphere, but today seemed longer by a few hours!

Cutting Edge Technology … That Isn’t Knives



The Driver’s Licence Office gave me a fluorescent armband when I renewed my licence yesterday.

It’s straight like a ruler, but when you whack it against your arm it coils around by itself magically.

I don’t know why it’s fluorescent though.

I guess so I can find it in the dark with a flashlight when I want to play with it.


note: I asked for one in black, but they didn’t have any of those.


Today #117

I hope the rest of today is cloaked in mystery … because it would kind of suck if it wasn’t there at all.



When I look up at the night sky, I think …
 “People don’t draw stars very accurately.”


note: I would wonder “Why am I here?” when I look at the stars, but I’m sure enough other people do that “I wonder why planetross is here?” stuff already. hee hee!

 double note: if everyone in the world did this, I may start to feel a bit paranoid.

triple note: I only feel paranoid when I’ve had a few drinks: I’m imparanoid then.

quadruple note: paranoid people are parannoying.


Today #81

On a nice sunny day like today, the stars are the furthest thing from my mind … and a lot further than the sun technically.
(I know the sun is a star, but nobody draws it star-shaped, so it doesn’t count)

Genetique Tackling


I guess when scientists finish all this Gene Mapping …

they will make a fortune selling the maps at gas stations.


note: making Gene Maps is probably really difficult; they must be really really really small.

double note: Gene Maps don’t fold: they twist.

triple note: scientists could have used: researching, investigating, unravelling, analyzing, probing, studying …
but they chose mapping.
They must think they are explorers or something.

quadruple note: the photo has nothing to do with Gene mapping … I just don’t have any good photos of that stuff. I blame zoom lens technology.

quintuple note: isn’t anyone working on the other GPS: Genome Positioning System?


Today #58

Today flew by like a penguin.

A Hypothetical Circular Argument


If someone proved that a circle actually had 361 degrees, I bet all those mathematicians would be doing a complete 180.5 degree change in their thinking.


note: my circles only have 3 degrees. … they are burning circles … I thought you knew that.

double note: why do circles always have the same amount of degrees but thermometers vary a lot … by degrees?


Today #53

I’m going to pinch and punch my way through this 1st of the month.



Scientists say humans and chimpanzees share 98% of the same genetic material. 

The last 2% must be really really good if those chimpanzees don’t want to share it with us. 

Stingy chimps!!


note: if I had 2% more genetic material does that mean I would be 2% smarter?
… or does that mean I’m probably not getting into Mensa any time soon.

double note: what the hell type of monkey is Curious George anyway?

triple note: I know those are monkeys in the photo. I think they were old world monkeys because I didn’t see the one on the end smoke with his tail.

quadruple note: when I have nothing to write about, I fall back on genetic material.


Trivial Bets #1

The word “nepotism” comes from Napoleon’s habit of giving family members important positions. (false)

planetross 0 – trivial better 1

Handedness In Animals


There should be more research on handedness in animals.

It would help me make a better choice when buying meat.

… I don’t want to be eating a pig’s musclely hand!


note: The image of a bunch of scientists throwing balls at animals and recording which hand they catch with is stuck in my head now.

double note: I guess people do study this stuff.

triple note: I’ve been doing my own research, but I haven’t seen the nextdoor neighbour’s cat brush its teeth yet.

quadruple note: I guess I’m left-armed too!


notes to myself #112

The handle of the milk jug in the fridge is always going to be facing the wrong direction.