Handedness In Animals


There should be more research on handedness in animals.

It would help me make a better choice when buying meat.

… I don’t want to be eating a pig’s musclely hand!


note: The image of a bunch of scientists throwing balls at animals and recording which hand they catch with is stuck in my head now.

double note: I guess people do study this stuff.

triple note: I’ve been doing my own research, but I haven’t seen the nextdoor neighbour’s cat brush its teeth yet.

quadruple note: I guess I’m left-armed too!


notes to myself #112

The handle of the milk jug in the fridge is always going to be facing the wrong direction.

11 responses to “Handedness In Animals

  1. I would stay away from the feet of the pig also! 🙂 Unless you like pig’s feet….do you? 🙂

  2. Shouldn’t that be ‘pawedness’?

  3. Or ‘flipperedness’?

  4. Maybe ‘hoovedness’?

  5. Dear Teacher Ross,

    I agree with Tooty. Most animals don’t have hands. I suppose we could eat primates but their hair would get stuck in our teeth.

    Do your students know how confused you are?

    I’m interested in seeing your research results.

    Sincerely ~ S

  6. You should add to your research questions about front or rear footedness. Imagine that pig catching the ball with his hind foot. This is a very complex issue!

  7. I’m pretty sure the little guy who lives in the fridge and turns the light on and off deliberately moves stuff around and rotates it in there.

  8. If elephants had two trunks – which one would they favour?

  9. Thanks for all the comments!

    Doraz: I think I’ve eaten every part of a pig at some time … except the tail.

    Tooty Nolan: I didn’t think anyone would catch my amazingly big error. hee hee!
    As for elephants … they would probably favour the nicer one.

    S. Le: I just thought that pigs get “foot and mouth disease“, so they must have hands too! hee hee!
    This pig thing was in a pork specialty restaurant/bar. There was another one outside in another window that originally caught my attention. The food and beer were very good. I know most people don’t go to Kobe to eat pork, but I got around to the beef as well.

    Donald Diddams: I think the snake research will be quick, but the octopi research could take a while longer than a while.

    Dennis the Vizsla: as long as the little guy in the fridge doesn’t tamper with my food I can handle him.
    On a different topic:
    I saw Avatar today. Wow!
    I think my new pick up line will be “I see you.” hee hee!

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