The Art Of Cooking Is A Science!


Is there a law against cloning a meatball?

… because that would be stupid.


note: if I could clone myself, I’d give the clone longer hair … so I’d know which one I was.

double note: identical twins aren’t really identical … they have different names usually!

processing note #1: this post was going to be about how most religions: mention, have laws about, ban, infer goodness, infer badness, or use symbolically food and drink in their teachings. I think all religions are okay with waffles though.

processing note #2: this post was then going to be about how some restaurants have windows, so you can see in to the kitchen to see how food is being prepared. Wouldn’t it be great if all businesses did this!
“Hey! let’s go kill a few hours at the dentists!”


Today #106

Today had its ups and downs.
oh! … I have to use stairs to get to the vending machine.
I thought you knew that.



8 responses to “The Art Of Cooking Is A Science!

  1. When I was in Japan I remember the restaraunts that had numbered plastic representations of their dishes & numbers so us non-Japanese speaking tourists could see what they were &order by number. And I could never win on the Pachinko machines…

  2. Doh!!! I spelt restaurants wrong.

  3. They look like surgeons! Do you like the restaurants with the conveyor belt and different coloured dishes? Brilliant concept.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: they still have all that plastic food everywhere. I watched a tv variety show a week ago where the guests were shown 5 dishes of food and had to guess which one was real: nobody guessed correct. That stuff looks so real!
    I used to play the older pachinko machines about twice a year, but now they are all computerized/videoized, so it’s taken all the fun out of it for me. Plus, I don’t know what the hell is going on most of the time.

    S. Le: I like the kaiten sushi/kaiten zushi restaurants, but I don’t go to them very often.
    I took this photo in Yokohama’s Chinatown. The surgically … or sturgically dressed staff were making pork dumplings that have hot soup injected into them and then the doughey outside is slightly deepfried. They were pretty yummy.

  5. Sod the dentist: Where’s the nearest brothel?

  6. Tooty Nolan: I would probably bring a chair and my lunch for that!

    The word “brothel” always makes me think of soup for some reason.

  7. Yes I was amazed too at how fantastically real the fake food was. I couldn’t understand how the pachinko was supposed to work or how you were supposed to win. It was back in the late 70’s when I was there & we visited Kagoshima, Kure & Sasebo. We also had a bus tour to Nagasaki. I remember a group of us went & saw the premier of the 1st Alien movie at the cinema. It was dubbed in Japanese & we didn’t know what they were saying. I can’t remember which town it was that had a volcano across the bay but we went for a tour over to it. It was an amazing experience to walk up the side of an active volcano. We spent a couple of weeks there all up & while most of my time there is a rather faded memory now I still remember what a beautiful place Japan was.

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