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The Art Of Cooking Is A Science!


Is there a law against cloning a meatball?

… because that would be stupid.


note: if I could clone myself, I’d give the clone longer hair … so I’d know which one I was.

double note: identical twins aren’t really identical … they have different names usually!

processing note #1: this post was going to be about how most religions: mention, have laws about, ban, infer goodness, infer badness, or use symbolically food and drink in their teachings. I think all religions are okay with waffles though.

processing note #2: this post was then going to be about how some restaurants have windows, so you can see in to the kitchen to see how food is being prepared. Wouldn’t it be great if all businesses did this!
“Hey! let’s go kill a few hours at the dentists!”


Today #106

Today had its ups and downs.
oh! … I have to use stairs to get to the vending machine.
I thought you knew that.


I’m Keybored


If I could be any type of wood, I’d want to be driftwood.


note: the drift tree forests are very illusive … so are the ply tree forests for some reason.

double note: if I could invent something, that would be original.

triple note: flashers are in show business.

quadruple note: for every action there is an equal and opposite  inaction … or something like that.

quintuple note: if I had an identical twin, I’d probably go to the gym more.

sextuple note: I’m wasting away: … renewable resources and time seem to be in the lead.

septuple note: with enough soap … I could probably disappear.

octuple note: apologies again for not commenting on comments … and not visiting your blogs with the formerly usual intensity … but it’s summer and things are happening happeningly … or something like that.
I’ll get back into the thing of swings again.

nuntuple note: what type of trees do they make key boards from?


Today #41

The sun came out today! … that Annie is a liar.