Hard Core


Do you know who is hard core?

People who bring their own condiments and sauces to restaurants: horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, tabasco sauce, relish, mustard, BBQ sauce, all spice,…

That takes dedication, planning, and possibly shot tastebuds.

Maybe they carry the stuff in their car’s glove compartment just in case: insurance papers, emergency flare, tabasco sauce, …

I’m going to start doing this … with toothpicks.

I’m not really a toothpick person, but I want something I can pull out of my pocket so the ketchup guy doesn’t think I’m soft.

And nothing says hard core tough guy more than a toothpick!

… well maybe an icepick does, but I don’t get ice stuck in my teeth very often.


note: photo of Kobe beef devoured by moi in Kobe on New Year’s Day. Seriously, you can eat that stuff with a spoon … because they cut it up into spoon sized pieces.

double note: sorry I’ve been distractelated lately. The big project is almost over. Or it could just be a little project in hindsight.


notes to myself #166

You haven’t had the worst day of your life yet. I haven’t had it either, but I’m sure there has got to be a real doozy coming eventually.

6 responses to “Hard Core

  1. I love spicy food as much as the next guy, but bringing Tabasco to a restaurant? Man, this guy must have been permanently barred from visiting France. And they think it’s awful when some schlub wants catsup. Can you imagine the cook finding out that some patron brought their own hot sauce? You could probably here his head explode all the way from London.


  2. Do you get a discount for bringing your own condoments, you should because they save money. I’m sure a hooker would give a BYO condom discount, good enough for condoms good enough for condoments

  3. The Joker would agree with you about the One Bad Day that is inevitably coming.

  4. Gosh that’s a scary thought, never having had your worst day ever. I think I have several ties for first place. lol.

  5. Not sure I’d want to eat those condiments after a few weeks in the glove box. Mmm… all green and furry. They say you don’t need teeth for Kobe beef, you can just gum it. I wouldn’t know.

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    Apologies for now getting around to everyone’s blogs lately and reading all your amazing stuff. I must be going through a seasonal disorder: I think it’s Fall possibly. hee hee!
    I’ll get over it and be back to as normal as possibly soon. I promise! (fingers crossed behind back out of view).

    Turkish Prawn: I saw a guy pull out a bottle of HP sauce and douse his gyoza with it at a ramen shop recently.
    This was weird for several reasons:
    a) the guy was Japanese
    b) HP sauce is not popular or readily available in Japan
    c) gyoza are usually dipped in a soy sauce, vinegar, hot sauce over here.

    note: I smother my gyoza in mayonnaise and mustard when I cook them at home, but that’s my dirty little secret.

    Tony: I thought that was a typo until I read further. Well done! (clapping 5 times)

    Dennis the Vizsla: The Joker has some good quotes!
    If I’ve had the worst day of my life already, but don’t know it; I can live with that.

    sweetiegirlz: I’ve had bad days, but none of them have been over the top earth shatteringly bottom of a ditch memorable though. I’m sure one will stick out far above or below the others eventually.

    Donald Diddams: it’s hard to fake gumming something when you have teeth. I know!
    But … Kobe beef is probably the most butterlike of all the meat I’ve ever eaten.
    After I ate dinner, I ordered another one … and ate that too! I do that sometimes, so it’s no big deal really now that I think about it. hee hee!

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