On Planetross: Peligion and Rolitics

peligion and rolitics


On planetross “peligion” and “rolitics” are the common seasonings found on most kitchen tables.

They are both naturally gray, so people get them confused quite often.

Some people really like peligion, some rolitics, some both, and some neither.

It’s just a matter of taste really.


note: I don’t usually talk about seasonings on this blog because I don’t have a kitchen table.



4 responses to “On Planetross: Peligion and Rolitics

  1. Strange, I’ve always heard that those are subjects to be avoided at dinner conversations. Things are very different on Planet Ross. Perhaps the eccentric tilt of its axis makes for altered seasonings?

  2. pannonica:altered seasonings” hee hee!

    thanks for linking me to the meme. (I think I used “me” 3 times in that sentence! hee hee!
    It’s greatly appreciated, but I don’t think I’ll be passing it on to anyone. (busy face) All the linking and stuff is a groaner.
    If you send me a list of questions, I’ll answer them for you. (worried face)

  3. Not to worry. I fulfilled my obligation by linking and notifying. m³

  4. I quite like the idea of “peligion” and “rolitics” at the table rather than those other two unmentionables.

    razzbuffnik: I agree. I’m tired of people arguing over “salt” and “pepper” while I’m eating. hee hee!

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