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“Variety is the spice of life”

… but I’m sticking with salt and pepper on my food.

It’s not like it’s still living or anything.


note: I see 5 different types of snow removal things in the above photo. I would have bought 5 of the same thing; because all that plastic garbage breaks pretty quickly.

double note: I’m going to visit one of the Spice Islands for holidays this year … I’m thinking the Island of Salt or maybe Pepper … I can’t make up my mind.

triple note: the real trick is to have a herd of One Trick Ponies.


Today #130

Today was Setsubun  in Japan. People throw roasted soybeans to get any evil spirits out of their house and to bring in good luck in preparation for Spring. It’s pretty hocus pocus … as opposed to the scientifically proven Groundhog Day that is.



Snow and slugs both disappear when you put salt on them;

… they must be made of the same thing.


note: no one makes snow-slugs anymore for some reason.

double note: I put MSG on a slug, but it just got a headache.

triple note: maybe people just call it “melting” when they put salt on snow and ice … because then children won’t cry … or ask for a lot of salt.

quadruple note: I think … once salt has been put on snow, it attracts animals who unintentionally eat all the snow while eating the salt.
The animals that unintentionally eat slugs while eating the salt must be really really really small … because I never see them with my naked eyes.

quintuple note: are there Dead Sea slugs?


notes to myself #168

You don’t use salt very often; only on cucumbers, when boiling pasta, or if a recipe specifically mentions it.


What should you take salt with?

A grain of salt?

Seems like a vicious circle.


note: a person who drinks salt water is dilutional.  

double note: photo taken at the Salt Hotel (made entirely of salt: beds too!) in the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

triple note: I didn’t actually lick the wall.



Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper the best of friends side by side in matching shakers on the kitchen table.

But what if their names were switched: pepper was called salt and vice versa?

Would we be saying…

pepper and vinegar chips, pepper lick, PEPPER 1 and 2, pepper mines, pepper of the earth, Pepper Lake City, peppertines, peppery dog, pepper flats, and pepper the road?

saltridge farms, salt spray, saltmint (Patty), Dr. Salt, salt corn, saltoni sausage, green/red/bell salt, and put some salt on that ball?

Sheriff J.W. Salt from Live and Let Die?

note: I guess pepper would kill slugs, and salt would just make their eyes red and cause them to sneeze.