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My Cybernation Has Ended

My computer is finally fixed!

I’m quite happy:

… playing with the slinkey was getting pretty boring.


note: being offline wasn’t so bad … reading books, doing things outside, watching movies, cleaning the house, going places, trying to get a solid 30 degree celcius room temperature, watching socks grow, listening to bananas … but not taking their advice, wondering if I should buy stone furniture because it will last longer, debating if 6 dwarves would have been better than 7 … and which one wouldn’t make it into the lifeboat, and experiencing the exact moment when an icecube becomes more like a chunk or a shaving of ice.

double note: having no computer made me crazy!!! … I could be wrong; I usually am.


Today # 85

I felt human today … but I guess I didn’t really have a choice about that.


I’m going all MTV and unplugging my computer for a few days.

Actually it’s going into the shop for repairs.

I hope they find something wrong with it … because if they don’t, that would mean there is something wrong with me!

I could be wrong; I usually am.



note: see you in a few days hopefully.

double note: if I had a child, I’d call him or her “Bongo Friendee“. … I guess that’s one of the reasons why I don’t have children.


Today #84

Today should be the last day, for a while, that I have to put up with a computer working at about 20%.

 … except for the crap computer at work … I think that one will be crap forever.

Basic Principles

What do you do at work?


I don’t understand the basic principles behind most things in this world.

Electronics, mechanics, computers, algebra, physics, etc        … I have no idea.

If I went back in time, I wouldn’t have too much useful information to impart. 

I’d be hard pressed to make fire actually.

I’m not a toolmaker.

But …

I do understand the basic principles behind making a cookie.

I’d like to think that would count for something … maybe a tribal elder’s daughter … or a little respect at least.



note: I’ve been making cookies at work for the last week. What have you been doing?

double note: the cookie in the bottom corner of that round plate is supposed to be Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.

triple note: I’m off for a 3 day “business trip” to Nagoya on Thursday, so there might be a bunch of entries coming on as I clean out the doodads and dribs and drabs piling up around here.


notes to myself #39

Everything you need to know, you learn from both of your parents … whether you are paying attention or not.
(quite a scary thought really)


I was talking to my “computer literate” friend about URLs and he was looking at me all confused.

What’s an URL?” he asked.

An URL, the address up in the top bar thingy“, I replied.

Oh!  a U-R-L“, he said.

I thought it was pronounced like the name “Earl“.

Is it just me?

note: Do computer people drink URL Grey tea?

double note: Is it Earl Gray tea in North America?




It’s the “o-bon” holiday in my region of Japan.

For many people it means 3 or 4 days off of work to visit the family grave and bring the spirits of the departed, in the form of a lantern flame, back to their house’s family shrine.

Most houses have a special area that contains a miniature shrine, incense holders, a few vase looking things, and assorted other shrine related paraphernalia.

The house I’m in has a little recessed space in one room for this purpose: it makes a great computer area!

When I first learned about “o-bon”, I thought I could wrangle a paid trip home to pick up my dead relatives’ spirits, bring them back to Japan, and show them my computer area.

I guess it doesn’t work that way.

I just get to work; but so does everyone else working at this company.

No-bon voyage for me, I guess.


note: I’d rather have some one leave me spirits than take mine!

double note: the above photo doesn’t have anything to do with o-bon as far as I know. 




And yet another password needed!

 Online banking, driver’s license, e-mail accounts, computer access, alarm systems, bank machines, computer site access, cell phones, …

Computers are the worst offender: it’s password heaven here!!

 It used to be fun having a secret password.

I can’t tell you what it is; it’s secret.

But it’s getting stale now.

More info to remember.

I’m sure it’s all stored in the same part of the brain as blood type, social insurance number, Chinese Zodiac sign, best friends phone number when you were 12, and the titles of all the James Bond movies!

I should start downsizing my passwords, or I’m going to be in real trouble eventually. or next week 😦



I have a friend.
He’s not a good speller.
He knows this.
When he writes something on his computer, he uses SpellCheck.

It doesn’t seem to work.

When he sends me something, I can usually spot a few terribly mangled words.

I let him know that there are spelling errors.

He questions me.
“Are you sure? I used SpellCheck. Are you sure syphilis isn’t spelt sifilus? I used SpellCheck.”

I went to his house last week. We were looking at something on his computer. I noticed his SpellCheck button.
It said SpelCzech.

I guess he shouldn’t have bought that cheap Mc N’Tosh computer.

I told him to buy the HooLit Picard, but he wouldn’t listen!

Computer Stuff

I’m the first to admit that computers baffle me.

I don’t really know how they work, have a hard time navigating around programs, and feel really proud if I can overcome simple problems.
This morning when I pushed the on button a different screen came up.
The computer was asking for passwords, codes, and service provider information.
It even accused me of having a counterfeit copy of VISTA!!

No, no, no!! This can’t be happening!
I haven’t even had a whole cup of coffee yet!!
I told the computer, “Just give me my regular screen and I’ll forget all about this happening, I promise”.

That didn’t work.
Never does.

So I pulled myself together, took a few deep breaths, and thought about what a rational person would do.
I found the info required: secret codes were located on the back of the computer, passwords were found scribbled on the bottom of cereal boxes, and special secret numbers were uncovered behind the fridge.
I punched them all in, and it works again!

I feel like Indiana Jones!

I think I could even tackle emptying the vacuum bag today.


The virus software alarm on my computer scares that crap out of me everytime it goes off!

It’s a very annoying alarm with a voice saying,” A virus has been detected.”

If I had a house alarm, I’d want something like that.