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Dental HighScream


I felt really foolish sitting in the dentist’s chair with the pink paper bib thing around my neck

… especially after they told me I wasn’t going to get a discount for bringing my own.


note: I like the dentist who does all the tooth drilling and grinding. I figure, either I am a masochist or she’s the only female dentist there.

double note: do not drink blue kool-aid before going to the dentist.

triple note:teeth and trees are very similar; they both are made of wood.
                        (quote from my great-great-grandmother … or someone like that)


Today #257

Everything has become much clearer to me today: I washed my windows.

Disposable Change


It’s amazing how putting a different nose on a person changes their appearance dramatically:

… except Mr. Potato Head … he always kind of looks the same.


note: I went for “the dude” cup.

double note: the last time I used a paper cup was at the dentists … although it involved more swishing and spitting than actually drinking.

triple note: thank you to Mr. Pettit for taking this photo.


Today #241

Today wasn’t really that bad, but it wasn’t really that good either: it was just really for most of the time. “Keeping it really” was today’s catchphrase.

The Art Of Cooking Is A Science!


Is there a law against cloning a meatball?

… because that would be stupid.


note: if I could clone myself, I’d give the clone longer hair … so I’d know which one I was.

double note: identical twins aren’t really identical … they have different names usually!

processing note #1: this post was going to be about how most religions: mention, have laws about, ban, infer goodness, infer badness, or use symbolically food and drink in their teachings. I think all religions are okay with waffles though.

processing note #2: this post was then going to be about how some restaurants have windows, so you can see in to the kitchen to see how food is being prepared. Wouldn’t it be great if all businesses did this!
“Hey! let’s go kill a few hours at the dentists!”


Today #106

Today had its ups and downs.
oh! … I have to use stairs to get to the vending machine.
I thought you knew that.