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Not Inconsequential Ordering

I haven't taken any good food photos lately, so here is another flower.


People who eat dessert first because they like it the best have no anticipatience.


 note: eating dessert first by rationalizing that you could die before the end of the meal is kind of pessimistic.

double note: on Planetross you can order whatever you like first, but you’re still going to get it in the same bag at the drive-thru window.

triple note: yes, I actually wrote “drive-thru” window. I can’t believe it either!

quadruple note: I should install a drive through window at my house. I wouldn’t have to clean up when people came to visit: how convenient!

quintuple note: on Planetross everyone chews everything 32 times: even ice cream.
… the ice cream isn’t very good really.


notes to myself #45

When you go to Osoyoos for summer vacation as a kid, you will discover something amazingly delicious: licorice ice cream.
… and it gives you a cool black tongue too!!!!

Where Am I?

my views are being blocked by a big cold building


People usually can’t think straight when they have a cold.

On Planetross it’s the opposite: I can’t think in my regular round about way.

I’ll be back shortly.


note: I think I’m clairabouyant … I see a bath in my future.

double note: the photo is the view from the hotel window on my recent “business trip”. I some how feel like that at the moment.

triple note: being sick is like being a secret agent: it’s all undercover.

quadruple note: thanks for stopping in while I was a way.


notes to myself #44

 Always pack tissue packages … not actually pack them! … just carry them around just in case.

On Planetross: Peligion and Rolitics

peligion and rolitics


On planetross “peligion” and “rolitics” are the common seasonings found on most kitchen tables.

They are both naturally gray, so people get them confused quite often.

Some people really like peligion, some rolitics, some both, and some neither.

It’s just a matter of taste really.


note: I don’t usually talk about seasonings on this blog because I don’t have a kitchen table.



On Planetross: Old Year’s/New Year’s Festivities

on planetross


The welcoming of the New Year is a big event on Planetross, but saying goodbye to the Old Year is just as important.

Before midnight on the last day of the year, crowds gather in front of  giant Fat Screen Tron Jumbos and watch the Old Year’s cardiogram monitor slowly weaken. People cry, gnash their teeth, and whimper a lot as the monitor goes flatline.

There is a minute of great anticipation to see if the New Year will arrive: it’s called, ” Justaminute” or sometimes “Programming Will Resume Shortly“.

Then at 12:01 the monitor starts working again. Everyone congratulates each other and sings the traditional song from the rock opera Tommy by The Who:

It’s a boy, Mrs. Walker, it’s a boy.
It’s a boy, Mrs. Walker, it’s a boy!
A son! A son! A son!
Hear the joyful celebrations in the street!
It’s a boy born on this first day of peace!
We’ve won! A son! We’ve won!

It’s all quite normal if you live here.


note: the first child born in the New Year is called Roger Daltrey; boy or girl.

double note: One year the heart monitor didn’t start again for 15 minutes; that wasn’t good.

triple note: If people don’t like the New Year, they just start over. For example: 2009A, 2009B, …
One year it got down to “Q“!  The marshmellow crop  failed that year.

quadruple note: the other On Planetross‘ are still orbiting and andbiting.

*SPECIAL NOTE*  I hope everyone has a great New Year’s!!! I’m off to Yokohama and Tokyo for a few days of wandering around aimlessly.



On Planetross: The Movesies and Nomovesies

movesies and nomovesies


On Planetross the movesies and nomovesies are very interesting.

There are waterclimbs and slowpids, small continents and large islands, tiny oceans and giant lakes, lush deserts and desolate sunforests, small mountains and large hills, barren jungles and outdoor caves, and many bottomless piles.

Zepanties and  goodbyepopotamuses roam free. 

Vegetable flies and manbugs buzz around rainflowers and dandetigers.

People plant trees in their gardens and harvest flowers to keep their houses warm.

Dragonwalks, grassstanders, cees and waterflies arrive in Spring.

Summer brings firemelons, cob on the corn, busrots, threematos, line-upcumbers, and something that looks like an orange but it’s blue.

Kangaroobarb, deflatekins, and chickenplants grow wild.

Fall falls and Winter wins.

There are 3 other seasons, but only people on the the small seas experience them; and they don’t talk about them much.

It’s all quite normal if you live here.


note: On Planetross is still orbiting.

double note: the spellcheck went crazy!!!

triple note: What came first the eggplant or the chickenpox?



On Planetross …

On Planetross ...

On Planetross … the only natural resources are in my head.


*SPECIAL NOTE*: I’m still alive! Just going to take a few days off. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and got all the toys they asked Santa for … or just got all the toys they wanted from the store.

note: on planetross everyone is naturally resourceful.

double note: renewable resources, reoldable resources, natural and unnatural resources; there is a lot of stuff kicking around.

triple note:  the otherside of planetross hasn’t been discovered yet.