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I’ve discovered a few cures for diseases and viruses over the years.

It’s just that the diseases and viruses haven’t been discovered yet.

I’m patiently waiting.


note: doctors never discover the cure before the disease. … I guess you need a “pre doctoral” degree instead of a “post doctoral” degree for that stuff.

double note: bird flu, mad cow, swine flu, …
                                I bet the horses are getting nervous.

triple note: without a chimney there never is a flue season.


Today #129

I know the days are getting longer in the Northern Hemisphere, but today seemed longer by a few hours!


People don’t make food in the shapes of too many animals.

I guess people don’t really want to eat a piece of pork, beef, or chicken that has been molded into the shape of a pig, cow, or chicken. It’s unsettling or unappetizing for many.

But chocolate! … you can mold any animal shape out of that stuff and people will eat it and ask for seconds.

People must be chocolate desensitized.

I’m glad I wasn’t born a chocolate animal.


note:It looks like a human baby! I get the head!”

double note: the things in the photo are Butaman, pork filled dumpling thingeys.

triple note: I didn’t eat one of them this time. I tried the venison filled ones.
… there were no cute deer faces on them though.

quadruple note: I eat vegetables and fruit that are shaped like vegetables and fruit, … but that’s different.


Today #79

Today was like a Pink Floyd concert. I think it was good, but I don’t really remember too much about it.

The Reinchicken

amazing reindeer

Every year I make reindeer faces with my students.

I trace each student’s hands and one of their feet. They cut them out, glue them on another piece of paper, draw in eyes and a nose, and print their name and age at the bottom.

As the “tracer“, it’s very apparent who bites their nails, who’s ticklish, and who needs new socks.

When I trace feet, I usually count out 6 or 7  toes and then look very amazed.
If I help someone cut out a hand, I invariably cut out one of the fingers abnormally long and then look amazed.

sideshow material

I look amazed a lot.

I also tell the story of the unfortunate “fictional” student who only has one hand and has to make a reinchicken every year.



note: running with scissors is bad, but jogging with them is okay.

double note: I wish rabbits had antlers, so I could do the same activity at Easter.

triple note: Rein on the Chicken, blood on the plow!







If chickens never existed, what would everyone compare random other meat to?

note: KFC would probably just be the name of some English football club.

double note: “Come on! Do it! Are you random other meat or something?”